Big Things Happen

Hannah is just another one of those regular teenagers, she has been put in a bad situation by her parents and has to make a big choice, will this choice change her life forever?


2. Phone call

Exactly half an hour was gone, it was already 9:00PM, I was on the phone to my bestfriend Jazz, "Jazz, I really dont know how to say this but I m moving to Sydney Tomorrow Morning with my dad, " what say that again please" Jazz new she heard me, she was shocked at what was happening, " I no you heard me, its okay, we will see each other on the holidays, My parents have decided split up for some reason and I dont know what" "OH Hannah! are you telling me the truth? or is it just another one of your tricks?!", I paused for a bit, " No Jazz Im not joking this time, its for real" "but Hannah why did you tell me so soon!", I know when Hannah is joking and telling the truth, but this time, she is sounding serious, " Im really sorry.., I was speechless before and had to get things straight first," " .........No its okay..., the worst thing would be if you didnt tell me at all right?" " yeah i guess so, oh and I will be starting at a St Patricks Marists College after we settle in, Im really nervous about it Jazz" " mmmm...... Dont worry Hannah you will be fine.......," I could tell Jazz was crying on the phone, I felt so bad telling her now, " Okay Jazz, I think I better get going, Im really tired and I have to catch a flight at 9:30AM in the morning......" It sounded like little hiccups on the phone when Jazz was crying, " o..kaaay, b by bestfriend, Ill ss aay my to yoo..u att t..he airport. "deffinatly" I said quickly trying not to cry, "Goodnight" she said as I hang up.

Jasmine's P.O.V

I cant believe my bestfriend is moving to far away, who will I hang out with now?, and why does this always happen to me, Its all happening to quickly.


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