Big Things Happen

Hannah is just another one of those regular teenagers, she has been put in a bad situation by her parents and has to make a big choice, will this choice change her life forever?


9. kick ball In the Park

Hannah's P.O.V

I wake up to the sound of my phone virbrating, I take a look to see what it was and it was a text from Niall

*To Hannah*

Morning Han, I was wondering if you wanted to play a bit of soccer or something in the park today, with the boys?

Nialler x

I was still tired, but i really wanted to do something today, so I text him back

*To Niall*

Yeah I would love to, thats a good idea, I'll meet you outside of your Hotel at 9:00, :)

Hannah x

Niall's P.O.V

Im looking forward to today with spending it with Hannah, I never get to do this because we are always so busy, but today wasnt busy at all, and so now I get to spend it with a lovely girl. 

On my phone it said it was 7:00, I still had two hours before I met Niall outside his Hotel, so I got up and made some cereial, I couldnt be bothered to cook my brekky this morning. "Morning Hannah, what are you up to today?" it was dad, "oh Good morning dad, um im going to Hang out with Niall and the rest of the boys today, what are your plans?" I said, "wait, did you just say Niall and the rest of the boys?" "yes dad i did" "wow ant they member of One Direction?" dad asked with a weird look on his face, "yeah they sure are" I  smiled, "well my plans today are to just do some work around this place, I need to fix the garden out the front" "haha well have fun doing that then" "dont worry Im gonna love it out in the hot sun for half the day Hannah" I laughed and carried on eating my brekky while doing that I  decided to watch T.V.

I finished my Breakfast and washed and dryed my bowl, I thought it was time to have a shower so I walk to my room and pick out something to wear, I chose to put on a daggy singlet, some cut shorts and a pear of Havannah's. My towl was on my door so I took it down and walked to the shower, "today is going to be a fun day with Niall and the boys today, I cant wait" I said to myself, Time was Ticking so I got out of the Shower then started to brush my teeth.

By the time I had got dressed, it was already 8:15am, "Hey Hannah" "yeah dad" I said back, "can you go and get me some milk from the shops please!" dad yelled from the other side of the house, "uh sure!" "thankyou" I walked out to where dad was and he handed me some money, "just get a 3L thanks Han" "okay"

Hannah's P.O.V

I hate walking alone, espically when you have no idea what people are like around here, Sydney was massive.

I walked out the front door and it was twenty past eight, I started to speed walk, and then all of a sudden I see some seedy Man staring at me, 'walk faster Hannah, this is kreppy' I thought. Right a head there is a bunch of ladies walking there babys in the prams, I decided to walk beside them so the man would lose me, He did, my plan worked, but when I go to turn back he completly dissapeared, it happened really quickly, I arrived in the little supermarket on the corner of the street, I had to be quick and get home before time ran out, the milk fridge was just a head and I see the Man who was staring at me before, "what are you doing here!" he said with a dirty look on his face, he looked like he wanted something from me, I couldnt speak, I was to scared, but then something slipped out "uhh..hhh.. Im geee..ting .mm.ilk, sorry .. i.f Im in your wway" "Get out of here!" he Yelled, "okay" my mouth was scrumbled up with scarce I got the milk payed for it then rushed out, I looked at my Phone and it was 8:30, Ill be able to get back in time I hope.

Hannah's P.O.V.

I'am never doing that again, That would have to be one of the scariest moments I have experienced.

My house was 20 metres away and I couldnt wait to get to the doorstep, I stared at a Plane that flew in the sky so i couldnt see where I was walking,

*trips over own feet* "AHhh, bugger flip, what is with me today" I get up and dust myself off, then kept walking, "dad!, I got your milk for you!" "yeah just put it in the fridge and Ill have my brekky later!" he said while calling out the back" "yeeap!"

By the time I had put that into the fridge, it was already time to go, I shut the front door and off I went to Niall's Hotel, "Hey Hannah!" they all say as I'am walking towards them "Hey boys!" "are you ready to go" "yes I am" I pull Niall in for a hug, I loved hugging Niall, "Hello Hannah, how have you been?" He asks, "yeah good, yourself? I say, "really good" we let go and all of us start walking down the the park. Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis all lead infront while Niall and I trail behind With his arm around my back.

"So who's in what team" Harry asks looking around at all of us, "well I think it should be Zayn, Hannah and Myself" said Liam, we all agreed, "well then that just leaves Niall, Louis and Me then" Harry said, "Yeap its on Boys and girls" Niall said with a competitive way. All of us laughed.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was a bit dissapointed because I didnt get put in Hannah's team, I wanted to get to know her a bit more, and now was my chance, but i couldnt, but I guess its just a muck around game, so it dosnt matter.

We all got to the park and dropped all of our stuff under a big shady tree, "kay lets set up" Liam said, all of us set up and got into position, "Make those two trees and those two trees our goals" Zayn pointed in both directions.

We started playing, and by the looks of it Niall was actually pretty good at this, "yeah yeah over Louis" the ball got to Louis, and booted a goal, "whoooo!" Niall and Harry shouted, "guys see that was too easy, we should let them score like that again", "yeah, Zayn and I both nodded" It was our turn to start with the ball, Liam started with it then passed it to me, I hadnt played soccer in ages, when I dribbled it to Niall he tried getting it off me, but instead he trips me, the ball goes flying to Zayn, "GO Zayn!, now kick it! to the goal" Liam shouted with encourgment, Zayn kicks the ball then hits louis bum, Louis falls over with laughter, but then again got back up, "HAHA Hannah, here Ill help you" says Niall, he grabbs my two hands to lift me up but Instead I pull him down, "OH noo" I start to laugh and told Niall it was payback, I stood up and started to run, "thats it Hannah Ill get you for that!" I couldnt stop laughing because the ball hit him in the head While trying to chase me, he fell onto the ground, it looked like he was in pain, so I ran back over to him to see if he had hurt anything. "Niall gosh are you okay?" I ask whille putting my hand on his, "owww my ankle" he says and looks at me "your ankle?" how did you hurt that, when it should of been your head?" I say with confusen, within a blink of an eye he grabs my hand and pulls me down, "ahhh I got you now Hannah" "ahahahahah" I laughed and just layed there I just couldnt be bothered to get back up, I was comfortable.

I could see the rest of the boys coming over, "GROUP HUG" louis shouted, all the boys jumped on top of us, it felt like I was about to pop.

we all got off one another and walked over to get our things, "we had a bit of fun didnt we Hannah" "yes we need to do it again sometime" "we sure do".

It was time we all left to do our owm things, the boys in the studio and me doing chores at home.

When I went to pick up my things from under the tree,  "By Hannah!" they all waved, but Niall wasnt there, "cyah Boys!" I waved back, "here Ill take your bag" Niall kindly offered, "oh thankyou, I was wondering where you were then" "hahaha well here I am".

Niall's P.O.V

I decided to walk Hannah home, and hopefully I could tell how I felt about her,But Iam afraid she will think things have happened to soon.

Niall walked me back to my house, "here we are" "thankyou Niall for the awesome moring, I had lots of fun" Niall looks at me like he wanted to tell me something "no problem, I had fun to" I smile and he wraps his arms aound mine, I'll text you soon while leaning in for a little kiss, our lips touch, it was so Right Kissing Him, both of us pull away after, I smile and look down, "well Ill catchyou soon Hannah" "yes sure hope so" I wave and he waves back.

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