Big Things Happen

Hannah is just another one of those regular teenagers, she has been put in a bad situation by her parents and has to make a big choice, will this choice change her life forever?


8. Good Bye Best Friend

It was Monday morning, and Jazz was leaving today, “Jazz wake up” I said as I shook her, “mmmmm” she moaned, “Jazz we need to get you to the airport, get your things ready, have a shower, then meet me in the Kitchen. “okay”.


Jazz’s P.O.V

I didn’t want to get up, I just had to sleep in for an extra minute


“Jazz Hurry up! We need to get ready!” I could hear Hannah yelling from in the kitchen, “yes I’m on my way walking towards the shower now!” I yelled back.

I got in the shower and the hot water was out for a bit, “arrrhh wows its cold,” it slowly turned on to hot but then to hot, I jumped out of my skin and slammed myself onto the shower door, “what is wrong with this shower” I thought to myself. I soon got out and got what I needed to fly back to Gladstone, I didn’t want to leave Sydney nor my Best friend. I wore some grey trackies with fluro pink vans and a baggy shirt, I couldn’t care less because it was only on a plane.


“here is your breakfast Jazz” “oh thankyou” it was scrambled eggs with toast, I think Hannah gets her excellent cooking skills from her dad, “you didn’t have to do this Hannah” “no its okay, I wanted to” we then munched on our breakfast.


“thankyou for that Hannah, it was delicious” Jazz said while washing up, “oh no worries” I went to sit down and turn the t.v on and then got a sudden text from Niall,


To Hannah,

Liam found out that Jazz was going back to Gladstone today, we are going to meet you at the airport to say our goodbyes to her

Nialler x


I then texted back

To Niall

Okay then that sounds great

Hannah x


It was time to get out of the house and leave for the airport,

“Jazz have you got all your things with you?” I ask, “Yeah I think I have, but if I have forgot something just keep it with you” “okay”

We both aborad the cab and he took us to the Airport, Sydney’s airport was massive, there was noway we would be able to fine Niall and Liam.

“thanks mate” as I hand him the cash, “quick jazz lets hurry, before this airport becomes more packed” “yeah im coming, can you grab this bag though?” she handed me a bag and entered the Airport, “now Jazz lets find the boys” “boys? What boys?” Jazz questioned “you will see” I said, I soon saw two boys looking out for people, “Jazz follow me I no where to go” “okay”,


Hannah’s P.O.V

I want to surprise Jazz for who is coming to say goodbye to her, I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when she spots Liam.


“Hannah is tha-aa-t” “shhh” I said while cutting her off, we both snuck up behind them and tapped them on the shoulder, “oh Hey girls!, we thought you would come out the other door”, Niall said, “oh trust me Niall, there are a lot of doors in this place”, “yeah your right”

“so I guess this is it Jazz, your going?” Liam looked at Jazz with an upset look on his face, “yeah I guess so, but ill give you my number to keep in contact,” Liam’s smile grows again, she rights her number down and he does the same.

Niall and I where both standing there side by side, we new how Liam felt about Jazz and how much he is going to miss her, “well I think I have to go, I have to get my bags checked,” “okay then Jazz, I will miss you” Liam gave her a tight hug and with it, gave her a kiss on the cheek, Jazz went as red as anything, Niall and I both laughed, “By Hannah I will come and visit another time, good luck with your new school and make new friends” “ I will Jazz don’t worry!”  I gave Jazz a really big hug and the same went with Niall, “by Niall It was great meeting you” “yes, have a safe flight back to Gladstone” Niall waved and so did the rest of us. 


Liam’s P.O.V.

She was gone now, I was happy that I got her number though, she was amazing, and she is a girl I will never want to forget.


“So Hannah what have you got planned for tomorrow?” asks Niall, “um nothing, ill swing you a text if I have something in mind” he smiles and I smile back. “sounds great then”






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