Big Things Happen

Hannah is just another one of those regular teenagers, she has been put in a bad situation by her parents and has to make a big choice, will this choice change her life forever?


7. Get To know you better

The concert was just about over and the boys I could see were having so much fun on stage, they had one more song to do and it was “Live While Where Young” , Jazz and I thought we might sing a long to this song since it was the last song of the concert, “Jazz come sing it with me like everybody else is!” everybody in backstage was singing and dancing to Live While Where Young , “okay okay!” she said while slowly standing up.


~~~~~~SONG FINISHES~~~~~~


“WOW boys that was awesome!” I yelled as they were all coming off stage, “yeah I agree!” said Jazz, “thanks guys, yeah we enjoyed it, and one of our best concerts yet” Liam replied.  Later on Niall introduced us to Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam, “boys this is Hannah and Jazz”, Niall pointed to us and they all smiled and waved, “ hey girls, one by one we hug all the boys, they give the best hugs but I must say Niall gives the best hugs. What brings you backstage?” Harry questioned, “well it a long story short, we both went to the toilet and the lady at the ticket booth called our section over but we weren’t there, we had missed it and she didn’t call again so I went crying and I bumped into Niall, we told him what was wrong and he gave us V.I.P passes”. I said replying to Harry’s Question, “oh well, you’re here now” he said smiling, “we sure are”.


Harry’s P.O.V

I see how nice these girls are, it think we should get some pictures with them just in case we won’t see them again. I no Niall already has something bonding between Hannah and him, so I’m sure they will see each other again.


“Right let’s get some photos shall we?” “Yeah let’s do this!” Zayn said in his accent, we all laughed, “hey Jazz, do you want to come and get a photo with me?” Liam asked with a puppy face on, “yeah sure!”

While the others got there pictures taken backstage, Niall and I thought that we might go out on stage since all the girls had left the Arena, it was empty, and nobody knew we were gone, so we basically had the stage to ourselves.

“Hey Hannah lets run off the stage and do the big Toyota jump” Niall’s face was so adorable when he was waiting for me to give him an answer, “Yes!” we got a big run up, “On my count to three we are going to run,” he started the countdown “ 3!, 2!, 1!” we were running and it came to the edge of the stage, “Toyota!” I yelled while in the hair, boy Niall can jump high, I thought to myself, we landed on the ground and I trip over with a big thump, “ouch!” I screamed but laughing at the same time, “Hannah are you okay?!” Niall rushes over to me trying not to laugh, “hahah yes Niall I’m good, “okay then, here you need a hand up, let me help you” Niall grabbed my hands and pulled me up, his hands were as soft as anything, “oh thank you” I couldn’t help but to smile, he looks in to my eyes while I stare into his, “Niall you have really beautiful blue eyes”, “why thank you Hannah, and you have really pretty green eyes” I smiled. “Let’s sit on the edge of the stage ad talk,” I nodded with agreement, we both hopped up onto the edge of the stage and chatted away, “so where do you live Hannah?” “I just moved here actually, I live down the road from a little park and I live beside a big hotel,” “oh really? We are staying in a hotel down the road from a little park, is your house a little blue one?” I looked at Niall with a happy smile, “yes it is indeed” “what a countenance that was then”, “yeaah”, I said. “maybe we could play a bit of kick the ball at the park sometime on the weekend, we get to stay in Australia for a bit longer because its our last stop for our tour, we leave on Friday” “yes Niall that sounds great”, we changed the subject,

“Hey Hannah do you go to school here?” “Yeah I am going to St Patrick's Marist College, and I m starting on Wednesday, I m so nervous about it too”, “no don’t be, you’ll be fine, I promise, I m sure there is lovely people there that will help you with everything” “thanks Niall, I m just going to hope for the best” I said smiling. There was an awkward silence for about ten seconds, “do you want my number?” “yeah okay, and here, ill give you mine” we gave each other our number and walked back to the others.


Hannah’s P.O.V

 This night has been one of the best nights I have ever had, I have got to know Niall a bit better now and I have his number. He isn’t like any other guy I have met, and I mean that and a really good way.


“Hey where have you guys been” Asked Louis, “oh we were just on the stage getting photos” I said, “well we didn’t even notice you were gone until now” “Well aren’t we good at sneaking out?” winked Niall, “yeah” I could see Harry talking to Zayn about something and both looking at Niall and I, I wondered what they were saying.


Jazz and Liam were talking a lot, they seemed to be getting a long really well, but the bad thing is that Jazz doesn’t live here, and she is leaving tomorrow at midday I couldn’t rewin the night for them, they were having too much fun.


Jazz’s P.O.V.

Liam and I were getting a long really well, he was really nice, and I didn’t want to tell him that I was leaving tomorrow, or it will wreck the night.


******Authors Note******

Hey guys, im new to this so sorry if its not as good, please tell me what you think of it so far :) x



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