Big Things Happen

Hannah is just another one of those regular teenagers, she has been put in a bad situation by her parents and has to make a big choice, will this choice change her life forever?


6. Concert time

Hannah’s P.O.V

Today was the concert, I was really excited to see them perform live

*30 minutes later*

My phone rings and I see who it is, in small letters it said ‘Jazz’ I quickly pick it up to see where she is, “hey where are you?” I asked “yeah Hannah im on my way to your house now, the flight went really well and I can t wait for this concert”, I smiled over the phone in relief, “that’s awesome, and you remember where my house is?” “yeep ill be there in 5” jazz said sounding excitingly over the phone.


It was 6:00pm already, Jazz had arrived and we were both so excited, “we better get going soon girls” dad said, “yep” Jazz and I said at the same time. “Wow Hannah I love your outfit”, “oh thanks Jazz” I smiled, I wore a peach pink knee length dress with some light pearl pink flats, Jazz wore a high wasted skirt with a green daggy shirt that went to her elbows to match with her green vans.


“its time to go Girls, hurry or your are going to miss the cab” dad shouted from outside, “yeah were coming!” Jasmine and I both ran outside, the taxi driver was waiting, “so girls, where am I taking you?” the cab man asked, “To Sydney Alphones Arena thankyou” I said. “Alright”

We arrived at the Arena, it was packed outside, “have you got the tickets Hannah?” “CRAP! I forgot our tickets!” I said in Panic, “HANNAH!” Jazz I could tell was angry, “no its fine we will just have to race back home and get them” “well then what are you waiting for!, lets go!” our cab driver raced us back home with enough time to get back, “ill run in and get them I said, “Quickly Hannah!”, I rushed inside to get the tickets, they were sitting on the bench, ‘got them’ I said to myself, Jazz opens the cab door for me and I give her the tickets, she took one for herself to hold on to. “right lets hope we don’t get pulled over by cops when we go fast girls” “yeah we hope not” I said.


*5 minutes later* we got there in time, but the line up was massive

“How are we going to get in there Hannah?” “I don’t know, but I really need to go to the toilet first”, “yeah me to” jazz added, I payed our cab driver and off we went, I saw a sign that said ‘toilets this way’ we followed and it led us to them.



“attention everybody, to all that is waiting to go into section five, now is your chance, you have 3 minutes to get through” said the lady at the checkout


okay jazz I just need to fix my lip gloss up, ill be out in a minute, “yeah well be quick Hannah”

I got out and we walked over, barely anybody was there, “what the heck? It was packed 3 minutes ago” jazz said confused “your right, lets go over and have a look”

Jazz and I walked over to the ticket lady, “hello girls may I help you at all?” she asked, “umm yes please, may we please go through now?” we asked,

“uhh can you please tell me what section you girls are in?” “yeah sure, we are in section five” I said, “oh sorry girls, I asked anyone who was coming through to come through within 3 minutes, and I didn’t see you’s there” Jazz and I both had a concerned look on our faces, “but we had to go to the toilet” “I m sorry girls but your too late,” “can you do something!” I asked the lady, “no I m afraid not, everything else is booked out and you were to late” I had to leave straight away with Jazz following behind, “Hannah! Wait!” Jasmine yelled, I ignored her and kept on walking, tears were coming from my eyes, it was really blurry and I couldn’t see a thing.


*boom* “woaah!” I fall onto the ground; I look up to see this beautiful looking blonde standing in front of me, “Hannah are you okay” yeah I slowly get up with Jazz’s help. “ Oh my gosh I m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that! are you okay? Do you need a hand with anything?” the blonde questioned, “oh no I m fine, I m sorry that I was in your way, I should just really be watching where I was going” “Jazz’s eyes widened, obviously she new who he was, I couldn’t really see because my eyes were still blurry from the tears, “no you shouldn’t, I m sorry it was my fault ill get you some ice to put on your knee for you, follow me” , I could finally see who it was, it was Niall Horan from One Direction, it was amazing, I cant believe that he asked me to follow him to get some ice. We followed along, “so, what is your name” he questioned while looking at me waiting for an answer, “um I m Hannah, and this is my friend Jazz” “oh yeah, nice names, were you here for the show?” he asks, “yes we both were, but we were too late to get through to our section because we had to go to the toilet”, “ are you serious? Here have these, you will enjoy them,” he said in his irish accent, Niall hands us both to V.I.P passes, our smiles were bigger then ever, “ wow thankyou so much!” I gave him a big hug not wanting to let go, he gives the best hugs, then jazz followed and gave him a hug after. “No problem girls” he smiled. While he wasn’t looking jazz and I were secretly fangirling.


Niall’s P.O.V.

I couldn’t explain how beautiful Hannah was; I had just met her near the toilets, I have to get to know her better.


We got into the backstage and he led us to the medic room, here you go, Niall hands me over a bag of ice to put on my knee, “ thankyou “ I said nicely, “its okay,”

“girls the boys will be performing in 2 minutes so get comfortable”, the manager said, “Niall who are these girls?” one of the security guard said, “oh this is Hannah and Jazz, both of them couldn’t get in, so I gave them V.I.P passes” , “oh okay, may I please have a look at them first” they security guard asks us, “yes” we showed him our passes and he excepts them.


“So, where are you from Hannah?”, I had butter flies, he was asking me, “I m from Gladstone, I have moved down here because of my parents”

“Oh wow, is it your first time here?” “yes it is, and I m loving it so far”, he smiles at me with his glittering blue eyes, “that’s great”, I could tell Jazz was feeling a bit jealous that Niall asked me instead of her, but she got over it.


Hannah’s P.O.V

I was secretly fan girling inside, why me I thought, it was a massive coincidence, I just got backstage passes with the Niall and the rest of the crew.


Jazz’s P.O.V

I have to say Hannah is so lucky Niall is talking to her, it was feeling a bit jealous inside but I dealt with it, I was also happy for her.


It was time for the boys performance, Niall shot off and went on stage, we had a great side view of all the boys, its was magnificent, one song at a time they started singing all the songs off the new album “Take Me Home” it sounded great, and we could here all the screaming girls in the crowd.




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