Big Things Happen

Hannah is just another one of those regular teenagers, she has been put in a bad situation by her parents and has to make a big choice, will this choice change her life forever?


4. Arriving in Sydney

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please put you seat belts on, we are preparing for landing” the flight attendant called over the speaker, straight away dad and myself put our seat belts on. I was on the window seat so I good a good glance of Sydney, I wondered how will we get to know this place because of the size of it, Dad had already been here before so he should know a bit about it. “How was your sleep dad?” “Yeah good, what about yours Hun?” “It was okay I guess, a bit bumpy but oh well”, dad smiled and did a little bit of a laugh with it. 3 minutes later we hit the ground with a little thump, it scared all of us that were on the plane, but nothing serious happened. The plane started to slow down and eventually stopped, “thankyou for flying with Quantas, I hope you enjoyed your flight”, “yep we sure did” mumbled dad under his breath. Rob stood up and got our bags from above us, and so did everyone else, “alright you ready Hannah?” “yeaah lets get off this plane already” I moaned back. Both of us got off the plane and went inside the airport, “we need to get our luggage and get a cab”, “okay”.

We waited for about 15 minutes until our bags and things came through, we saw ours and rushed to get it. I struggled to get mine off, I thought it was a bit embarrassing but I managed, “ hahaha are you alright Hannah,?” asked Rob “its not funny now please help,” I said. Dad helped me get them both off and put it one the ground, I lifted both suitcase handles up and wheeled them to the seats, “ okay now we need to find a cab to get us home, “look there is one with a man standing outside of it waiting for someone to get in”, I pointed out the screen doors, “well what are you waiting for, lets hurry now” we both picked up our things and brought them to the Taxi, “hello guys how are you?” the taxi driver asked, “yeah were a bit tired at the moment but where wondering if you could take us to our house,” “why sure can do” he winked, “great” dad and I said at the same time. By the time we got in the cab it was 12:26 in the afternoon, we were buggered, so  Rob gave him our address for the house and off we went.


Hannah’s P.O.V


I had a great feeling I was going to like Sydney, I was looking forward to it but I missed Jazz like crazy already. At this time, all I can say is by the looks of it, it was nothing like Gladstone, only much bigger and prettier.


On the way to our house I saw a sign, to me it wasn’t just any ordinary sign, and it was a One Direction sign, it said

One Direction,

Performing on the 18th of November at Sydney Alphones Arena 7:30pm Sunday 2012 live concert

Tickets still on sale at ticket tek 



I was a massive One Direction fan, and so was Jazz,

“Hey dad, this is a huge asks, but….” I was too scared to ask just encase he said no, but he shouldn’t, he knows how much I love those boys, “Hey dad, I was wondering…, ““yeah? What were you going to ask me Hannah?” he questioned, “well, if its okay with you, may I get two One Direction concert tickets, one for jazz and I?” I was dying for a yes “umm…, how about we just settle in first and then Ill think about it,” I was happy because he didn’t say no,  “Yeah I Guess so, but dad please think about it quickly,” I begged, “yes I will, but Hannah we really need to get our head around things first okay” “yeah I no..”


We got to our house, it wasn’t the best house but it will do for now, “thanks mate,” as dad handed the cab driver the cash, “here ill help you with your luggage” “okay thankyou I said to the driver. We got our bags, unlocked our door and walked in, the first thing I did was choose my room, and it’s my favourite part of moving houses. “Hannah have you checked your phone yet for any messages?” dad asked politely “OH yeah I forgot” I quickly grabbed my phone out of my pocket and there was a message, it was a message from mum, it said “Hey darling, I got your text earlier, I didn’t reply straight away because I knew you wouldn’t get it, but I love you so much, and I shall miss you loads, I will arrange for you to come up later in the holidays, xo

Love mum.” I was about to cry, but I held it in, “its okay Hannah, everything will work out fine” I smiled at dad and gave him a hug


Rob’s P.O.V

I new how much Hannah loves those boys, I had to get tickets for her, it will make her forget what has happened in the past, and will have some of the last memories with her best friend Jasmine.




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