Imagine a life filled with One Direction

This is my first shot at doing imagines. If you would like one please leave your name, boy and where you would like it to be set in the comments section! Tell me what you think in the comments section below! Thanks xx


13. Zayn for Emily

"Oh my gosh! It is soo beautiful Harry you didn't have to!" You squeal as you open your birthday present from your boyfriend Zayn. "That's fine and I wanted to." It was a 7 carat diamond ring and it was so beautiful. You put it on and your blindfold that Zayn had told you to put on.As soon as you put the blindfold on you immediately feel someone grabbing you and dragging you somewhere. you notice it's Zayn. "You can take you blindfold off now." Zayn says. "Yay! It was getting stuffing in here!" As soon as you take the blindfold off your eyes start to tear up as you notice how beautiful it is. Zayn has taken you to a park where he had set up candles and a blanket for a picnic. you sit down and eat. Then once you're finished you both stand up and kiss.

P.S Hope you liked it!! : ) 

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