Imagine a life filled with One Direction

This is my first shot at doing imagines. If you would like one please leave your name, boy and where you would like it to be set in the comments section! Tell me what you think in the comments section below! Thanks xx


5. Niall for Taylor

You were almost at your boyfriend Nialls house when you see a Nando's nearby. You decide to stop and get Niall a surprise dinner. You get to his house and put the Nando's behind your back and give him a kiss on the cheek. You bring out the Nando's and he yells "yes!" you both go inside and eat the Nando's then watch a movie. You fall asleep in his arms. He then takes you up to his room and lays you down on the bed. You wake up in his arms.

P.S Hope you liked it!! : )

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