Imagine a life filled with One Direction

This is my first shot at doing imagines. If you would like one please leave your name, boy and where you would like it to be set in the comments section! Tell me what you think in the comments section below! Thanks xx


11. Harry for Dana

"Hey Dana!" Harry your boyfriend shouts as you walk into the arena. he jumps off the stage and you start running to him like in a classical movie. "Hey I missed you so much" Harry says. "Yeah me too, but we're together now and that's all that counts." You say. He smiles and lifts you up off your feet and twirls you around. he puts you back down and you giggle. "Hey!" You say. "Yeah?" Styles says in his gorgeous tone. "Well I was thinking do you want to stay home tonight and watch movies?" "Sure" He replies. "Great. You can finish you practice here and then meet me at home." "No!" harry yells. "I want to come home with you. You are more important than these performances." Aww you are so sweet Harry." You say. "Yeah I know." You laugh and you both go home together and fall asleep in each others arms.

P.S Hope you liked it!! : )

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