Summer Love.

Ellie has gone for a holiday to London for summer all by herself. Her life is turned upside down when her plans are ruined because of 5 annoying but sweet guys. Will she find herself falling for one? what will happen when summer is over and she has to leave? To find these answers you must read the book! :)


2. Not a big Fan.

Ellie's POV 

I woke up alone like Niall had never been there I quietly sat and cried. I don't know how to stay strong anymore I never cried before I was to strong for that but I just broke apart today. I remembered when I first met the boys it was the best day of my life!


Ellie's POV

"I will miss you too mum but Its only a holiday I will see you after summer holiday are over" I told my mum on   the phone before hanging up. I loved my mum she was so sweet responsible and kind the best of all she helped me with the money for my trip I was going to London as a holiday by myself though i have fun without my family sometimes we have different perspectives on things.

I walked in the airport after entering I saw Nandos and I have to say I was extremely hungry because from where in Australia i lived it took nearly 3 hours to reach the airport. I ate so much I was absolutely full. After eating i went through the security and got ready I still had 20 minutes till departure so i went and looked at the shops when I stumbled upon a magazine shop and saw a One-Direction one I bought it for my younger sister she is obsessed with them I have to say i do like the blonde one Niall is it? Anyway I read the magazine to make my time go faster and it worked because after i got through a page there was a anncoument saying its time for departure I was so excited more than I would have ever been.


Niall s POV

"excuse me can someone help me" I heard a old lady ask trying to put her bag up I was about to go and help when A girl about my age helped her instead she seemed nice. I turned around to offer drinks and went inside the kitchen in the plane.

"So lads who is washing the dishes tonight?" I heard Louis ask I slowly backed away and we left Zayn to do the dishes. The lads and I are helping out on the plane today for a good cause and some fans will end up meeting us aswell this will be fun! 

I walked out to check that the passengers were okay when I saw a girl reading a magazine on my page I hadn't seen that magazine before and I was tempted to read it so I asked " Hello um could I borrow the magazine for a second? " The girl turned around and looked at me her straight brown hair whacked me in the eye and i screamed a bit "I am so sorry! but yes sure" The girl said in her thick Aussie accent i opened my eyes to the most beautiful girl she was the same one that helped the old lady so she is beautiful Kind nice and a god personality I do like her! and the best part is she didnt even recognise me "So you fancy One direction ayy" I asked her she looked at me propely for the first time and then realised who I was "You are Niall isnt it? My sister is a a big fan I bought it for her I like some of your songs but not a complete fangirl aha " We talked a bit more and i went back to my duty.

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