Summer Love.

Ellie has gone for a holiday to London for summer all by herself. Her life is turned upside down when her plans are ruined because of 5 annoying but sweet guys. Will she find herself falling for one? what will happen when summer is over and she has to leave? To find these answers you must read the book! :)


3. Cant see past her

Nialls POV* 

I kept looking back at her my mystery girl I needed to talk to her more we were landing at Mexico for a break of an hour that should be good enough to know who she is!


"Hello" I walked towards my dream Princess 

"Hello Niall" She replied wait she knows my name but whats hers? 

"Hey so I was wondering whats your name?" I asked she looked at me then laughed 

"Ellie my name is Ellie. And is the only reason you walked with me was to know my name?" She winked and asked

"Yes, but no You see Ellie I find you very friendly and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?" I asked

"Haha sure but what about your boys" She said with quotation marks on the boys part I laughed looking at the boys all lost and looking for me behind

"They could join us" I said cheekily

"Sure call them over you guys can give me a tour as I assume you must have been here lots before" she asked I called the lads over and the started nudging Me and Ellie we started laughing.

"Lads this is Ellie we are giving her a 45 minute tour around the place she is a good friend" I said

"A realllllllyyyyyyy good friend" The boys chorused 


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