Coincidentally In Love

Ever lives in England. Her mother remarried a year ago and only died last month. Her stepdad raps and abuses her. She runs away from her house before he gets home. But she never expected to knock on a door belonging 5 cute boys. But what if all of them fall for her?


11. We Need To Talk

Liam's P.O.V

I woke to the sound of my phone buzzing on the table next to me. I looked at who was next to me. Harry. I grabbed my phone off the table and looked at who had texted me. It was management telling me we had a radio interview today at 11. I looked at the clock. It was 9, 2 hours to get ready. I got up and woke Harry. He groaned but got up and made his way to the bathroom anyway. I went to the next room to wake up Zayn, being careful not to wake up Lissi. I then went to the next room to wake Lou and Niall.

I went downstairs to make breakfast, but as I walked down I could smell bacon wafting from the kitchen. I found Ever making bacon, eggs, toast and waffles. I hug her from behind startling her, but she chuckles, I let go.

"Good morning, when did you get up?"

"I got up when I heard someone walking around in the hallway and I thought I should get up and make you all breakfast. Now go have a shower it'll be ready in 10."

"Ok thank you." I went upstairs to the bathroom, I took in a change of clothes.

I left the bathroom after changing and walked downstairs. Everyone including Lissi and James were sitting on stools at the kitchen table waiting to eat.

"Liam can you get 12 plates and some knives and forks please?" I heard Ever ask me.

"Sure." I noticed the plates were in a cabinet near her head so I stood next to her and reached for the plates. She ignored me and continued cooking. I gave everyone a plate and looked puzzled as I had 4 extra in my hand.

"Those are so I can put the food on plates." I placed the plates next to her.

I grabbed some knives and forks, making sure I didn't touch the spoons, I have a big phobia of spoons, and gave some to everyone. Ever put all the waffles she made on one plate, all the eggs on another and the bacon and toast on the other two.

I noticed Ever walking over to James, she leant down next to his ear and whispered something to him. We all grabbed some food to put on our plates. James nodded and Ever smiled.

We finished breakfast at 10:45. "We need to leave lads, we need to get to this interview." I grabbed my keys and we headed to the door. "Bye guys, we'll be back around 12 maybe 1."

"Bye." The three of them said and we headed out the door.


Ever's P.O.V

I went over to James and asked him if I could go food shopping. I keep forgetting to buy myself a new sim. He nodded and I smiled.

What food to buy? I was making a mental checklist and eating. I snapped out of it after Liam finished talking. People were saying 'bye' so I did too.

I got up and put all the dishes in the dishwasher and went upstairs to have a shower.

I changed into my black skinny jeans, light pink translucent blouse and light pink Toms. I put my hair in a messy bun and walked into the lounge room. "James I'm going now!!"

"Ok, don't forget a sim this time." He yelled from somewhere.

I walked out and walked the 10 minutes to the shops. I love going food shopping by myself, it helps me to remember what people like and so I can buy things other people would never think of buying. I enter Asda and grab a trolley. I went to go and pick some fruit first. Hmm, some glossy red apples, some bananas, pineapple, mango, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon and cantaloupe. On to veggies, lots of carrots for the carrot king, celery, broccoli, onion, cucumber, zucchini and loads of potatoes. I love potatoes. I also some pastas and sauces, coffee powder, hot chocolate powder, tea bags, blocks of chocolate, packets of lollies and loads of crisps. After getting all the junk food, I bought stuff to make tacos for lunch when the boys get back. I then went to look for a new sim.

After finding oneI went to the check-out and everything cost me $400.08. I need to find a job if I'm going to keep food shopping for everyone. It's 12:30 now.

I put my new sim into my lifeless phone. I know Lissi's number off by heart so I typed her number into the phone. She picked up after 4 rings.

"Hello?" She asked a little confused.

"Hey Lissi it's me Ever, I bought a new sim, this is my new number."

"Cool, what did you ring for?"

"Could you or James please pick me up? I have too many bags to carry!"

"Sure. James'll be there in 3 minutes with the car. James you need to pick Ever up from the shops. Bye Ever see you soon!!" She hung up.

I stood outside Asda with my trolley full of bags. James' old 1950 Ford F1 pulls up in front of me.

"Hey do you just wanna put it all in the back?" I nod. He jumps out of the car to help me put stuff in the back.

"I bought stuff to make tacos for lunch." I said happily. I make really good tacos, I always have.

He smiled at me. "I love your tacos they're the best! They're the only ones I ever eat!!"

"Ahaha I'm honoured that you love my tacos so much." I smiled and giggled a bit. We both got in the car. "All this food cost me $400.08, it better last a while other wise I'll have to get a job. Know anywhere that's hiring?"

"Geez you must've bought a lot! I hope it does too."

Once we got back, we were constantly going inside and coming back out again to get the groceries. "Can you guys help me unpack and put the groceries so that I can make lunch before the boys get back?" James nodded and Lissi, who was on the couch, got up and walked over.

"Sure!!" She yelled in my face like old times, then, like a normal person, she asked "What are we having for lunch?"

"After you help us unpack the groceries and put them away I'll tell you." Nodding, she quickly starts to unpack them, but bes gentle with the breakable stuff. Me and James put stuff away and I put all the taco stuff in a pile together.

The groceries were all put away by 12:30 and the boys weren't home yet and I needed to start the tacos before they did. "Lissi can you help me make lunch? It's tacos!!"

She came up to me and yelled "I love you taco!! James she's making tacos for lunch!!"

"I know!!" he yelled back. "Need any help?"

"Yes please, can you shred some lettuce, cut up tomatoes and grate some cheese please?" He came down and started working. "Lissi can you please cook the mince? I'll cook the beans, sauce, get the taco shells ready and get loads of plates ready. Also Lissi, with the mince, can you put in some soy sauce, honey, salt and pepper?"

I put the beans in a pot with some hot sauce and put it on high, I put the sauce ingredients in another pot and put that on high too. I grabbed plates for both the ingredients and us.

I heard the door open. "We're ho- FOOD!!" I knew it was Niall. I heard him running towards the kitchen.

"No Niall, it's a surprise for the five of you and its not ready yet." I heard him stop and then I heard a thunk on the couch. "No one comes into the kitchen. We'll be 5 minutes." A chorus of 'okay's' filled my ears.

Once everything was cooked, we put everything on plates or in bowls. Instead of using spoons, I used tongs and forks. We placed everything on the table and sat down and told James and Lissi that we cannot eat until we've seen their reaction to their first bite.

"Boys come get some food!" They all piled in and looked around a little confused. "Tacos." They all went for taco shells first. "One taco at a time guys otherwise we won't get any." They looked at me with sad eyes but still only grabbed one. We waited for them to make their tacos and take a bite. When they did, their eyes widened and continued to stuff their faces. The three of us laughed at them. We started making our own tacos.

Once we finished eating I got the boys attention by whistling. "Okay, so obviously I went food shopping today,"

"I noticed!!" Niall yelled interrupting me. I nod.

"Ok, well it cost me $400.08," I heard gasps from the boys. "Now I need the food to last at least a week and a half to, two weeks cause I don't have the money every week. You all owe me money from food shopping I had an overflowing trolley and loads of bags on my arms. You all need to give me $50 each."

They all handed me the money and Zayn asked me to talk to him, this is not good, now I have to tell him. We headed up to James' room and we sat down on the bed. There was an awkward silence between us before Zayn started talking. "So um... about that kiss the other day..."

"Yeah, Zayn I'm so sorry, I shouldn't've kissed you. I mean I like you, I really do but in more of a brotherly way. I'm sorry for leading you on, I shouldn't've." He looked at me and nodded. "Still friends?" He nodded. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. After a few seconds I felt arms wrap around my waist and Zayn hugged me tighter. I let go, kissed his cheek and walked out. As I walked downstairs I heard Zayn behind me I had to tell Louis what happened. I stopped! "Louis? We need to talk! Now!" I turned around and Zayn had already moved to the side for me. "Thank you." I walked back to James' room.

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