Coincidentally In Love

Ever lives in England. Her mother remarried a year ago and only died last month. Her stepdad raps and abuses her. She runs away from her house before he gets home. But she never expected to knock on a door belonging 5 cute boys. But what if all of them fall for her?


16. Truth or Dare and Confessions

A/N I haven't finished the entire chapter, but I'm on my way to the airport now and thought I'd write and publish half the chapter and write the other half when I get back!!

I left and walked toward Harry and Liam's room. I knocked on the door. No answer so I open the door to see Harry lying on his bed with Lissi straddling his lap, kissing him. They jumped and looked over at me and I quickly walked out, walking towards Zayn and Lissi's room. Well I know Harry and Lissi are ready. I knocked on the door, 'Come in.' I hear Liam shout from the other side of the door. I opened it and walked in to reveal Liam and Zayn talking to each other. They looked at me "Are you guys ready?" They nodded. I turned to leave.

"Ever can I talk to you about something?" I turned to look at Liam and nodded. "Zayn can you leave for a few minutes?"

"Sure mate."

"Don't go into Harry's room, that's all." I yelled at him and he nodded.

"Okay this might sound really awkward and that's why I'm telling you this now. I like you. I really do. I know you like Niall and that's why I wanted to tell you."

What is with these boys? I'm ugly, I don't understand how they could like me in that way... I hugged him. "Thank you for telling me."

I was about to pull away when he whispered "Please just one kiss and I promise I won't ever bring up my feelings towards you again." I didn't know what to do so I pulled away shaking my head indicating no. "Okay, I get it, I won't pressure you into doing it, just know that I care about you a lot and come to me if you need anything or anyone to talk to." I nod and he kisses my forehead.

Getting up to go to the door, I turn around and smile at Liam. "Thank you." And he smiled back.

I leave the room and head towards Niall's door. I knock and hear his voice say "Come in." I open the door to see a shirtless Niall, he sees me and I turn away. "Don't you like what you see?" How could me seeing Niall shirtless be any different than seeing James shirtless?

I turn back around to see Niall standing in the same place staring at me. I hadn't answered the question. "I do, I guess it was just unexpected." I notice his muscles and abs and I look at the ground to hide my blush, I could tell he was smiling at me. I looked up again and he had put a shirt back on. So much for the view!

"Don't look so sad babe, you'll see me like that again." He comes over and gives me a hug and kisses me on the cheek. I kinda felt disappointed! I was hoping he'd kiss my lips again. But I looked at him and smiled.

I'm gonna tell him I like him back. "Niall I, uh, I like you too." Niall just looked at me. Shit, I didn't say it out loud! "Niall I like you too." He smiled and kissed my lips.

"We should go and see if everyone's ready to go." I nod and we walk out of his room.

We head towards James' room but stop once we hear James' voice through the door.

"No I haven't told her... But you're supposed to be their you're the main -... Yes I know, but you need to be there! You're the main birthday surprise... Yes I know you're really busy... So? It's only for a day and she will be thrilled when you arrive on the day!... Okay, thank you, see you then, bye!"

So he had been on the phone. I just stood there frozen, from the corner of my eye I saw Niall look at me and then knock on the door. He opened it, walked in and closed the door behind him.

James' POV

I had just gotten off the phone to Ever's cousin, they used to be best friends until he moved away to become a model in America, when I heard a knock on my door. Hopefully it's not Ever... "Come in?" I heard the door open and closed so I turned around. "Niall... you heard what I said on the phone didn't you?" He nods "I was on the phone to..." I crept closer to Niall so I could whisper, "to Ever's cousin Charlie, it's Ever's birthday next week and I wanted Charlie to come and celebrate it with her, since he hasn't been around since she was 15, just a card every year. Since she's gone through all that she had, I thought she should get something extra special for her 18th birthday."

"Okay I'll tell the other about her birthday over text." He whispered, but in a louder voice he said, "are you ready to got to Nando's?"

"Yes of course!" We walked out of my room and Niall looked a little surprised and relieved. I wonder why? "I have a better idea Niall, how about you drive ever to Nando's and I'll drive everyone else so I can tell them?"

"Great idea, means you're taking the van." I nod

We head downstairs and Niall walks over to Ever and pulls her off the couch, dragging her out the door. "Niall's driving Ever to Nando's and I'm taking the van and driving the rest of us there cause I need to talk to you all about Ever's birthday."

"Oh. My. God! I can't believe I forgot!" Screamed Lissi. "It's next week right? On the 16th August?" (A/N that's my birthday!!)

"Yeah it is! We need to go let's talk about this in the car."

Everyone said okay and walked through the door into the van that's parked on the curb by my house. I was walking towards the drivers side when Harry stood in front of me. "Don't worry mate, I'll drive so you can concentrate on what you wanna talk about!" These boys are so nice.

"Thanks Harry. I call shotgun!" No one argued or looked at me strangely so I sat shotgun. Once I got in and Harry started driving I looked at everyone in the back. "Okay so here's the plan..."

A/N Sorry but you're you're not finding out about the plan until I write about the day in the chapter after the next ;) Love you all <3

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