Coincidentally In Love

Ever lives in England. Her mother remarried a year ago and only died last month. Her stepdad raps and abuses her. She runs away from her house before he gets home. But she never expected to knock on a door belonging 5 cute boys. But what if all of them fall for her?


9. Old Best Friends


James' P.O.V

I was watching TV when I heard someone knocking on my front door. I got up and opened the door, I saw a familiar looking girl turn around.

"Hello?" I looked over her shoulder to see who she had been looking at. There was a guy running towards us. I looked back at her.

I noticed her staring at me and thats when I noticed she was crying, she had a large bruise on her face and that she was clutching her side.

From the corner of my eye I saw a hand appear on the girls shoulder, I realised it belonged to the guy that was running towards us. She nudged his hand off her shoulder and quickly winced. I looked at the guy behind her and he had a sad and disappointed look, he was looking at her but then noticed I was staring at him and his face turned serious.

I looked back at the girl and she was still looking at me.

All of a sudden she says, "James? Is that you?"

I remember that beautiful voice, "Wait Ever?"

She smiled and hugged me, but then she winced, cried out in pain and let me go. I looked at the guy behind her again.

"Can we please come in? I'll explain it all to you inside."

I moved aside so they could come in and we all went to the lounge room. I sat on one couch and Ever sat next to me while that other guy sat on my other couch.

"Ever," I looked at her beautiful face, "what happened to you and who is this guy?" I asked kindly looking at her and quickly glancing at the guy on my couch.

"That's Niall," she sobbed, "my friend, he's from One Direction." She was still crying.

"Hi Niall, James, can you tell me what happened to Ever?" I gave him a serious look and put my arm gently, so I didn't hurt her, around Ever and pulled her toward my chest where she laid her head and silently cried.

"Well the lads and I were trying to get Ever to agree to watching a scary movie, she was about to agree when the door burst open..." Niall told me the entire story, including how Dave told Ever he was 'coming back for' her.

"Niall, can you give us space for a few minutes I need to talk to Ever alone."

"Sure." He walked to the kitchen and I could hear him raiding my kitchen.

She had stopped crying, she was giggling a bit probably because of Niall, because she had cried herself out, and was now just lying on my tear stained shirt, looking up at me. I missed how she looked up at me like that, we have been best friends for ages now, but the only thing is I love her. Ever since I met her, she's been the best thing in my life.

"Ever, we need to talk."

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