Coincidentally In Love

Ever lives in England. Her mother remarried a year ago and only died last month. Her stepdad raps and abuses her. She runs away from her house before he gets home. But she never expected to knock on a door belonging 5 cute boys. But what if all of them fall for her?


18. Not a Chapter!! But I Need Your Help


Hi guys! I need your help with something it's very important! I've decided to change the cover of this story and I have asked two girls if they could produce a cover for me... and they produced 2!! So I need your help to vote for which one you like the best!!! In the comments, I would like you to vote by writing down the authors name who produced the cover you like and also why you like it. I'll give you 2 weeks to vote and trust me it will take some time to decide which one you like, that's why I'm asking all of you!! Thank you for the support even though I don't update a lot and I'm very sorry about that, I love you guys <3 xxx



> This cover was produced by MahoganyPumpkin



> This cover was produced by HeartTaunter

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