Coincidentally In Love

Ever lives in England. Her mother remarried a year ago and only died last month. Her stepdad raps and abuses her. She runs away from her house before he gets home. But she never expected to knock on a door belonging 5 cute boys. But what if all of them fall for her?



Niall's P.O.V

"What's your name and what's wrong love? I'm Niall from One Direction, who are you looking for?" I said this and hugged her. She pulled away really quickly and I could tell that she was shocked.

"I'm Ever. I'm looking for Lissianna, she told me she lived here?" She told me. I know we only just meet but I really like her.

"Oh, Lissianna, she lives just here." And I point to the door next to mine and the boys holiday house. It wasn't very big, but we loved it.

She looked over at the door and then back at me. She looked so beautiful with her blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, except they were red and puffy. "Thanks." She said. She smiled and gave me a hug. I would love to stay like this forever with her in my arms. I want her to be mine. She quickly pulled away and went to Lissianna's door.

I closed the door and went back to where the boys were. "Who was that?" Asked Louis.

"Just a girl looking for Lissianna." I replied and then I went up to my room.


Ever's P.O.V

I left Niall at his door and walked to Lissianna's. I knocked on her door.

"Hey Ever!" She looked happy until she looked into my eyes. "What's wrong, Ever? Come inside and tell me what's wrong!"

She walked me up to her room and we sat on her bed. I hugged her and told her everything. That Jude had been raping and abusing me for the past month, how much I've missed my mum and how I wanted things to go back to the way they were.

"Oh my God Ever! You have to tell the police what he is doing to you. If he's in jail you won't have to worry about him coming after you."

"He won't be able to anyway," I say to her still crying. "I smashed my sim so he can't track me down. That reminds me, I need a new sim card. I've got all my contacts and my phone in this book." I say while grabbing the book out of my bag.

"Sure, as soon as you stop crying you can have a shower, and you can put this on." She hands me a beautiful summer dress. "We will go shopping and we will also buy you some new clothes too! Oh and can I invite my 5 neighbours? They are really nice and will be able to help us pick clothes out for you."

"Okay and sure you can that would be great!" I went into the bathroom and had a shower. I love the water nice and hot. Once I finished I got out and put the dress on and dried my hair and let it fall down my back. I walked out to find Lissi and her neighbours sitting on the couch talking. Lissi looks in my direction and gasps.

"Ever, you look so pretty!" All the boys turn to look at me and then look at Lissi, except for Niall, he just continues staring at me and then he looks at the ground. "Oh, Ever, these are my neighbours. They are from One Direction. Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry and Lou this is my best friend Ever. She's come to stay with me for a while."

"Hahaha I actually knocked on their door thinking it was yours. Hey guys, what's up?" I really wanted Niall to answer this question because as soon as he opened the door to me I started having feelings for him.

Liam, Harry and Zayn replied with a "Not much." Harry and Zayn both looked at the floor, I wonder why? But Liam kept staring at me and smiled. Niall didn't say anything, he just looked at the floor like Harry and Zayn were doing. Louis yelled out "CARROTS!!" and we all started laughing.

"I'll drive." Niall told us. "The mall, right?" He was directing that question to me.

"Uh yeah."

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