A 18 year old girl moves into her best friends flat to get away from her terrible family, generally they didnt understand her. She was different...not like everyone else, loud, outgoing...unique. She didnt have many friends either so when she came across a curly haired boy who was super attractive, how was she to react when he said that he wanted to know more about her?


5. Starbucks Will Hazza

After we finished eating the delicious pancakes Niall had made Harry and I walked down to the nearest Starbucks which was about seven blocks away. It was a beautiful summer day like all the rest, now I regret wearing jeans, but we talked about Harry's life with the boys, how they met what they all do in their spare time and what they do at Dani's parties that I was never invited to. He asked me how I met Dani as we entered the Starbucks and then we ordered.

"Shaken Iced Tea Lemonaide with Passion" Harry said.

"Caramel Frappichino for me please"

As I went to get my wallet out of my purse Harry had stopped me.

"Let me pay for yours"

"No thanks, really. I can pay for my own"

"Now what kind of a gentlemen would I be if I let you pay?"

"Well I guess if your offering, but next time I pay alright?"

"I can't make that promise"

He winked at me. I felt butterflies in my stomach. Anyways we got our drinks and sat outside on the patio tables set up.

"So Charlee tell me about yourself"

"Wow, I feel like im being interviewed...ha ha but um, my full name is Charlotte Heard but I prefer Charlee...its more me. I love to swim and party and im pretty loud. I was born January 18 in Vancouver Canada then almost immeadiately we moved here to the UK. Uh, I love to draw in my spare time and I have never had a boyfriend before."

"Never had a boyfriend before?! Really?"

"Yeah really, but enough about me Harry, your turn"

"Full name is Harold Edward Styles, Harry, Hazza or Haz for short, uh born February 1, born and raised in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. I love singing and having a good time with my mates and I have had a few girlfriends in the past"

"Did you really have to add the 'girlfriend' thing?"

"Yeah babe, I did"

We continued talking for about an hour or so before we decided to head back and see what the boys, Dani and El were up to. Then Haz asked me a question.

"Wanna do something tonight, all of us?"

"Like what? Movie marathon at home, out for dinner, go to a club"

"Yeah we should go to a club! That would be so much fun!"

"Oh okay, we'll run it by the others when we get back to Dani's place. Im sure they would all be up to it!"

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