A 18 year old girl moves into her best friends flat to get away from her terrible family, generally they didnt understand her. She was different...not like everyone else, loud, outgoing...unique. She didnt have many friends either so when she came across a curly haired boy who was super attractive, how was she to react when he said that he wanted to know more about her?


3. Meeting Everyone

~Harry's P.O.V~

She looked gorgeous. I couldnt take my eyes off her. I had seen Charlee's face in pictures and all but she looked WAY better in person. I hate Dani for not intorducing us earlier!

~Charlee's P.O.V~

"Hey everyone, im Charlotte but call me Charlee or 'Char'. Its nice to finally meet all of you, I have heard so much about each and everyone of you."

"So Char, this is Eleanor 'El' for short, she is dating loud mouth Louis over here! Ahaha"

I stuck my hand out but Eleanor slapped it away and wrapped me into a tight hug, I smiled.

"Next is Zayn. Quiet and mysterious but caring and super sweet...and I hate to admit it but he has the FINEST looking quiff I have ever seen"

This time I didn't even hold out my hand, I just went in for a hug.

"Louis over here or 'boobear' is loud just like you! You both are going to get along great, i can already tell."

"Liam here or 'Leeyum' is my boyfriend. The boys call him "Daddy Directioner" because he is responsible and caring"

As I was hugging Liam something passed my mind, why was he called "Daddy Directioner'? Then it hit me, they were ONE DIRECTION! Famous British boyband formed my Simon Cowel on the X Factor in 2010.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Dani yelling at someone to get out of the kitchen.



"NO NIALL COME HERE NOW!! Oh Niall, always hungry"

"Hey there, Charlee right? Im Niall Horan, great to finally meet you!"

He pulled me into a massive bear hug. He dug his face into my neck, oddly it was the most comforting hug i have ever recieved.


I heard Louis yell.

"And finally Harry or 'Hazza'"

He hugged me tightly and for some reason i didn't want to let go. When we were finished getting introduced we unpacked the car and brought it into the old spare room. I decided to make my bed and put out a few items and leave the rest for tomorrow. I was pretty tired. I decided to sleep in the clothes I had on now (sweats and a tank) because I didn't want to go looking for my pj's in all my clothes.

As i was about to slip under the covers I looked towards my door to find Harry looking super adorable in his onsie.

"Do you mind if we share a bed tonight? Liam is with Dani, Louis and El are on the only air mattress and Niall and Zayn took over the couches. I really dont want to sleep on the floor."

"Yeah its fine i guess"

'I Guess'? Charlee whats wrong with you! You only just met Harry and your agreeing th sleep in the same bed as him!? A part of me was saying it was a bad idea but the other part wanted him to stay...was I in love with Harry?

Anyways we both slid under the covers but I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned and I guess I woke Harry. "Can't sleep?" he asked in his grungy voice.

"Nope, not at all"

"Its probably because its a new start for you, your not really sure how to feel in this new environment."

"Yeah your probably right. Oh well, maybe if I keep my eyes closed i'll fall asleep."

And with that I rolled over. I closed my eyes and started to drift off when I felt Harry's arm snake its way around my waist. I felt confortable and relaxed and within a few minuted I fell asleep.

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