A 18 year old girl moves into her best friends flat to get away from her terrible family, generally they didnt understand her. She was different...not like everyone else, loud, outgoing...unique. She didnt have many friends either so when she came across a curly haired boy who was super attractive, how was she to react when he said that he wanted to know more about her?


6. Gettin' Ready For The Club

A/N I know that the legal dinking age is different everywhere but im making it 18 and also I know now that Liam and Dani broke up but those first few chapters were written before that happened. I didn't feel like changing it so thats why its like that.

We got back to the flat and found everyone spread out over the couches watching 'Toy Story 3'. I decided that since it was only around four in the afternoon that we had time to watch the movie with the rest of them and then i would ask if they wanted to go clubbing.

"AWE! I can't believe that andy gave away all his toys to that little girl! He should have kepy Woody and Buzz because they were his favorite!"

"Wow Liam," Hazza started "Even after you have seen this movie you always say the exact same thing at the ending...and you always start tearing up!"

"Liam I think thats ADORABLE that you care so much." I gave him a reasuring smile.

"So guys, Haz and I were thinking that we should all do something tonight...then we thought of clubbing! It would be really fun! All the cool lighting and the dancing. You guys up for it?"

They all looked at each other, "Yeah were in" Niall said.

"Us boys should head home and get ready. We will be back at around seven." Louis said.

"El, you can just borrow one of my dresses, kay?! Us girls are going to help each other get ready!"

"Okay then, we will be back at seven!"

All us girls said goodbye to the boys and walked them out, Harry kissed me on the cheek as we said goobye which caused some 'ooooo's to happen. When the boys left I started to head to my room and get ready when Dani and El jumped at me asking me all the questions i had expected.

"OMG CHARLEE!! Are you and Harry a thing now or what, because first it was the holding hands at breakfast then going to starbucks, cuddling on the couch and now a kiss on the cheek!"

"Don't forget that they shared a bed last night" Eleanor added.

"Okay guys seriously Haz and I are not dating...yet, it might happen but im not sure if I like him or not. He told me this morning that he likes me that way and I told him I wasn't sure if I had the same feelings or not, he completely understood!"

"Alrighty then. If thats the story your going for..."

And with that we all showered and got ready for the club. I was not much od a dress person so I decided on ripped skinny jeans, a glittery bandeau, sheer blue top and some wedged shoes. Dani and El wore amazing dresses and they looked great! after we all sat around and did each others hair and make up.

I was first so Dani did my hair, adding long extentions in it and then curling the bottoms, she hairsprayed it and added glitter hairspray to add some sparkle! Eleanor decided to do a dark smokey eye look with nude colour lips.

Dani was next. I straightened her hair and did a poof on the top with a bow made from her hair and I added the glitter hairspray to add sparkle. Eleanor did a matte brown smokey eye and pink lips. 

Eleanor was last. Dani straightened her hair but then she didn't know what to do with it so I took over and did a bow on her head too, and again the glitter hairspray. Dani went with a glittery gold look for Eleanor and the bright red lips.

We only had to wait about ten minutes before the boys showed up. Now its time to party!


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