A 18 year old girl moves into her best friends flat to get away from her terrible family, generally they didnt understand her. She was different...not like everyone else, loud, outgoing...unique. She didnt have many friends either so when she came across a curly haired boy who was super attractive, how was she to react when he said that he wanted to know more about her?


7. Clubbing With the Crew

After the boys came to pick us up we all piled into the van. I was in the back seat with Hazza and Niall and if it wasn't for the seatbelts I would have been in Harry's lap! We finally arived at the club and we could already hear the bass from the music blaring inside. As soon as we got out of the car Harry put his arm around my waist and pulled me close and kissing the top of my head.

"Need I remind you that we aren't dating Mr. Styles. If the paparazzi get a picture of this they will blow it all out of proportion, making up crazy rumors and all that."

"Can't a guy stand close to a girl and not be labled as 'dating'"

"Well yes, but when your Harry Styles from British boy band One Direction there huge chance that you will be labeled as a 'couple'"

And with that we entered the club. All of us headed straight to the bar and ordered some drinks. I got a few shots of Fireball, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis got beers, El and Dani got martinis and Liam  got a diet coke because he didn't drink....and we needed a designated driver later.

After I took down the four shots of fireball I got and got a small buzz but ordered four more. Harry at that point was three beers in. I watched Harry finish up his beer and I rushed over to him so I could get him on the dancefloor before he got drunk, but we both were.

We headed to the dance floor and Tinie Tempah 'Pass Out' came on. We got close and I could feel his large hands on my waist as I swayed my hips back and fourth. His body was pressed against mine and I threw one hand above my head, grinding down against his hips. He moved in time with me, rolling with the beat of the loud, pulsing music.

I felt his hot breath on my cheek as I continued to dance against him, loving the way his body moved in time with mine. I swiveled my hips and moved down again, dragging my hands down his torso and to his hips.

Everyone else had gathered around with us and we were all dancing in a circle, Niall had found a girl and Zayn had texted Perrie to join us at the club...we were all having a blast! In the middle of dancing I spun to face Harry, grinding provocatively on him. We looked into each others eyes, my hands made their way around his neck and he licked his lips...asking to kiss me. I sent him a reassuring look and he leaned in.

As we kissed I could hear Dani, El and Perrie cheering along with all the guys. I guess I should tell you now, when I first saw Harry at Dani's flat I wanted him to be my boyfriend but getting to know him and now this made it better, I knew that we would be together for a long time.

Still kissing....more like making out, Haz started nibbling on my bottom lip which sent a tingle of pleasure up my spine. I wrapped my arms around him tighter not wanting to break the kiss.

"Come on." Harry said as he dragged me off the dance floor. Where was he taking me?

"Haz! Where are you taking me?"

"Somewhere more private"

Hazza took me outside and called a cab. See when he said somewhere more private I thought of mine and Dani's flat but he told the cab driver a different address, where are we going?

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