A 18 year old girl moves into her best friends flat to get away from her terrible family, generally they didnt understand her. She was different...not like everyone else, loud, outgoing...unique. She didnt have many friends either so when she came across a curly haired boy who was super attractive, how was she to react when he said that he wanted to know more about her?


1. Getting Out Of Hell

"CHARLOTTE! GET DOWN HERE NOW!" my mother called. My family was coming over and that means it was torture time. My family never understood me. I am a loud person and they are all, well....quiet. It drives me mad! I cant stand to be in a house filled with people who always sound like they are whispering.

"COMING!" I replied. "AND I PREFER CHARLEE!", its true, i did prefer being called Charlee over Charlotte. To me 'Charlotte' is a name for people that are quiet and old school, which obviously i'm not.

Anyways, I headed downstairs only to find my annoying cousins, Jade and Samaia, whispering things about me. I didn't know what they were saying until I walked passed a mirror and noticed the heavy black makeup I had applied earlier, im all into the movie makeup type thing. I decided to not wash it off until after my mother had seen me...she deserves a scare!

"CHARLOTTE HEARD! What do you think you are doing? Walking around the house with all that dark makeup on your face!?"

"Mom calm down, its not like im going emo or anything! im just practicing my makeup skills so when i actually start my movie makeup career im ready for anything"

"Well i dont care what its for! Take it of...NOW"

I just rolled my eyes at her to make her think I cared but really I didn't. After I had completely washed off all the makeup I sat on my bed and thought I would call up a good friend of mine. She was a few years older than me with her long, curly chocolate brown hair and her gorgeous hazel eyes. She lived in a flat pretty far from my house, about 45 minute walk but i constantly visited her, practically lived there on the weekends. Danielle was her name, Dani for short.

I called her up and she answered after a few rings.

"Hey Char! Hows it going?"

"Its going good, family get together here so you can only imagine my pain."

"Oh, pretty bad huh? Well why dont you pack a bag with clothes for a few days and come stay here? I have that extra bedroom that has not been occupied by 4 of my bo's friends for awhile!"

"Sure! I need to get out of this hell hole!"

"If you hate it so much why stay?"

"I dont have anywhere else to live besides your house...and its not like im goning to pack up everything I own and move it all to your place!"

"Char....You just thought of something BRILLIANT! Why did I not think of this before...awee STUPID DANIELLE, STUPID! CHAR....move out and come live here!"


"No Char im serious! I live alone and i have an extra room that could be yours! You hate it there and love it here! Why live somewhere you hate? I am totally serious when i say that you should come live here with me."

"Dani I love that offer but just one problem...HOW AM I GOING TO GET ALL OF MY THINGS TO YOUR PLACE WITHOUT BEING NOTICED? I cant just pack my things and walk out the front door!"

"Who said anything about walking out the front door?"

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