Why does life have to be so complicated, Valerie's life would probably have been easier if she had never meet Niall...Could Harry find out about her and Niall?


4. Well..Hello again

I walked the streets of London looking for the perfect appartment, they were all to gross, already sold or not for sale. As I had walked about my 1 millionth step I came across a cute little bundle of flats with a for rental sign on the front, I quickly called the number on the sign. "Hello" said a male voice. "Umm hello I was inquiring about the appartment" I stated. "Yes well there are two others in the complex and they are lived in, it will cost around $300 a month" he replied. "Well I'd like to buy it" I said determinedly. After I had signed all the documents and the 1st transaction had gone through I moved into my new flat. I was busy contemplating the view when I heard a knock at the door. I briskly walked to the door and opened it. "Hello" said 2 gorgeous boys who looked strangely familiar. "Hello, do I know because I think that we have meet before" I said to them. "Yes, your the girl I bumped into at the airport, how could I forget such beautiful blue eyes" the boy I think who is Harry replied. I blushed. "This is Niall and I'm Harry" Harry said he pointed to a boy with blonde hair and incredible blue eyes. "Well nice to meet you both my names Valerie" I said politely. "Well we live in the two other apartments and if you need anything please come and ask" Niall said who had a sexy Irish accent. "By the way are you Australian?". "Yes" I answered. "Well g'day mate" Harry said then cheekily grinned. "Haha you realize nobody in Australia says that" I explained. We all exchanged goodbyes an they walked back to their rooms.

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