Why does life have to be so complicated, Valerie's life would probably have been easier if she had never meet Niall...Could Harry find out about her and Niall?


15. Still The One

Liam looked as if he was going to cry so I walked over to him and tightly hugged. He picked up his phone and dialed some numbers in. "Hello" he said his voice shaking. "Hello, Liam are you okay?" The familiar voice replied. "Zayn are you with Louis?" He asked. "Yeah why?" Zayn replied. "Can you guess please come over, it's an emergency" Liam ordered. "Why what's happened?" He asked. "Don't ask questions, just come" Liam said bluntly and hung up the phone. I sat Liam down on the couch. "Why are you calling the others" I inquired. "Well this is a serious thing, last time Harry told me not to call him back he swallowed some pills. He was in a coma for a couple of weeks and we all thought he was going to die. This time it could be worse, he could actually..." Liam said and looked at the floor with tears swelling up in his eyes, he just couldn't bring himself to say die, to think that Harry could actually die. It all quite sink in I loved Harry dearly and I definitely did not want him to die. I wiped the tears out of Liam's eyes. "Well we better do something about this then" I said loudly and jumped up. Just as I did Zayn and Louis burst through the door. "Should I go get Niall?" Zayn asked me. I looked over at Liam. "Yeah I think it's best" Liam said. Zayn quickly sprinted out and about 3 minutes later he came back dragging Niall in. He looked at me with a slight smile on his face, I just looked over at Louis who was joining us on the couch. "Harry is going through one of his phases again" Liam said softly trying so hard not to cry. "What happened?" Louis asked confused. "I sort of cheated on him with Niall" I said batting back the tears. "Oh ok" Zayn said shocked. "Well we all know that you did not do the right thing Valerie but I am especially disappointed in Niall" Louis said. Niall looked guiltily at his feet. "But we're here to help" Louis continued. "Well last time he was pretty upset he went to the cliffs, when his grandma died" Zayn said. "Let's try there" Liam said and ran out the door. We all followed him and jumped into his car. He sped to the picturesque cliffs. From the distance we saw a figure walking to the edge. I got out of the car. "I think it's best if you all wait here" I said. "This is my problem and I need to solve it" I continued. I sprinted to just behind Harry. HARRY'S POV I could hear panting from behind me. "If you jump, I'll jump to" I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. "Well I hope your a good swimmer" I ignorantly replied. I moved closer to the edge just to tease her, I was still furious with what she had done, but I didn't know if I could actually jump. "Wait Harry" she frighteningly. I turned around, I saw her pulled a heart shaped necklace from under the neck of her shirt she opened the heart to find a small piece of paper inside, she pulled it out and read "To Dearest Valerie, I promise that I will always be here for her. I promise that I will always love and cherish her. That I won't take her for granted and always forgive her, as everyone makes mistakes. I promise that I will always care for her every need. I promise that my heart is only for her, and she can have it and keep it forever as I will never love anyone else." She recited. "That I won't take her for granted and always forgive her, as everyone makes mistakes." She repeated. "Harry I am so sorry I would say i love you to the moon and back but that's not far enough" She stated. I just stared at her, she did have a point I promised and I do not break promises. How could I be angry at her? Her beautiful blonde hair hanging over her shoulders and her blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight. "Are you going to say anything" I asked. I pulled my wallet out and got the paper that she wrote her promise on for me. "To Hazza my baby, I promise that I will always be here for you. I promise that I will be supportive and always encouraging of him and his career. I promise that I will always forgive him and comfort him. I promise that I will gladly take his heart and give him mine in return. I promise that I will not break his heart, as he his my man and I will always love him with deep and pure love" I finish. "I am sorry I broke your heart Harry" she said apologetically. "Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo" I sang. "And its no joke to me so can we do it all over again" she sang back. "If you’re pretending from the start like this, with a tight grip" I sang back. "Then my kiss can mend your broken heart I might miss everything you said to me and I can lend you broken parts that might fit like this and I will give you all my heart so we can start it all over again" she continued. " I missed you Hazza" she said and passionately kissed me on the lips. "I love you" I said and kissed her back. We walk back to the boys hand in hand, mouth on mouth. "I guess everythings sorted then" Zayn said seeing us kissing. "Not quite" Niall said. He walked up to me. "Look Harry you are one of my best friends and I would never do anything to hurt you, I am sooo sorry, I just wasn't thinking. I have been feeling so guiltily lately and I just won't ever feel the same unless we sort this out" Niall said. "Niall you are my brother from another mother, my best friend, my amigo. Of course I will forgive you, 1 rule though find your own girl next time" I said and pulled him into a hug. "Liam I'm sorry I said those things to you, I was just angry and wasn't thinking" I said. "It's alright Harry" he said cooly. I pulled him into another hug. "Group hug" Louis yelled and everyone joined in on the hug.

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