Why does life have to be so complicated, Valerie's life would probably have been easier if she had never meet Niall...Could Harry find out about her and Niall?


17. Rock Me


As we packed our bags for our trip to Australia I pondered over which clothes I should take, and then it hit me Australia, dad, Australia. I ran up to Harry, "I can not go to Australia" I blurted. "Why not?" Harry asked curiously. "I don't want to see my dad" I said emtionless. "Oh right" Harry remembered. "Well you don't have to see him, Australia is a big place" Harry said positively. "I just don't feel right going back there" I said. "Well i'll be there with you and I will protect you" he said and wrapped around me and tenderly kissed me. "Well alright I guess so" I said. I pushed Harry onto the bed and sat on top of him. "Oh what a lucky boy I am" he said and grinned. "You want some of my gravy, don't you" he said. "Yes I would very much like some of your gravy" I said cheekily. "Would you like to meet my pussy cat" I said and grinned. His eyes opened widely, "You have a cat?" he said. "No I have a pussy" I replied. I started to kiss him passionately. "Oh what do we have here" Louis said. We both jumped up and stared at Louis startled. "Maybe close the door next time" Louis said and ran off. Harry sprinted off after him. I walked off after them. "Louis what are you doing here?" I asked as Harry tickled him. "Harry...hahahah...Harry..stahp..HARRY!"Louis said. "Thanky you, well I came to tell you that Danielle and Eleanor are coming as well but Perrie can't come because of work" Louis said. "Ok cool thanks" I replied. "Is that all you have to say? I drove all the way here to tell you that and all you can is ok cool thanks" Louis said almost seriously but soon after burst into laughter. "Well we better finish packing" Harry said. "Yes, packing was that what you were doing?" Louis said and quickly ran out the door. "Now where were we" Harry asked. "Hmm I think I was just about to taste some of your gravy" I laughed.

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