Why does life have to be so complicated, Valerie's life would probably have been easier if she had never meet Niall...Could Harry find out about her and Niall?


8. Irresistible

(Author's note: this could get a bit inappropriate). Niall walked me to his room I know what he wanted, he pushed me onto the bed and riped my shirt off. "Niall are you sure you want to do this, I'm still with Harry" I say. "Yes, I want you so badly Valerie" he whispered in my ear. I pulled his pants down to reveal blue boxers. "We won't need them" he said cheekily and pulled down my pants. I pulled his shirt over his head. He uncliped my bra and pulled my underwear down, I was naked. He was naked. He leaned down and slowly rubbing my thighs as he slowly inserts his fingers into my center, I moaned as he twisted them. He swiftly moved them in and out before pulling out completely. "I bet you taste good" he said. He licked my clit and then inserted his warm wet tounge into me. "N-niall" I whimpered. "You like that don't you he smiled. He crashed his lips onto my before leaving a trail of of soft wet kisses along my neck and breasts. I grabbed his hands and pulled up so he was top of me but I rolled him over so I was on top. I trailed my hands down his muscular torso and slowly to his v-line. Which I left small kisses on and moving my hand to huge erection which I slowly pumped, "Faster" he directed me. As my hand greatened its pace he moaned and groaned. I looked up to see his eyes tightly shut so I continued. Putting it into mouth moving my head. "Oh Valerie" he groaned with pleasure. I moved up his body and left a lingering kiss on his mouth. He rolled us over. "Are you ready" he asked. "Yes" I said eagerly. He paused and stared into my innocent blue eyes as I stared back into his. I felt him insert. I moaned in pleasure and pain. He thrusted sloppily as I screamed, my name escaped his lips. "Oh Harry" I screamed quickly after relising what I said. He stopped thrusting and pulled out. "I'm so sorry Niall" I said apologetically. "No it's fine completely understand" he said with a hurt tone in his voice as he sat up next to me in the double bed. "Niall I do love you, it's just I'm with Harry" I said regretfully. "Well I love you too" he said placing his warm hand on my cheek and softly replacing his hand with a kiss.

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