Why does life have to be so complicated, Valerie's life would probably have been easier if she had never meet Niall...Could Harry find out about her and Niall?


11. Dinah

Harry and I walked hand in down Oxford Street, so many fans came up to us and asked Harry for an autograph or a photot and paparazzi where everywhere. Harry tried to make it as noticeable as possible that I was the new woman in his life, he kissed, hugged squeezed, wrapped his arms around, held my hand. Nobody had discovered who I was yet so Harry posted on twitter: @Harrystyles: just going for a walk with @valerie_hunter , love you babe xoxo. Soon my phone was beeping like crazy, so many twitter notifications. People were saying things like: stupid bitch Harry's mine; congrats Valerie u seem really nice; I'm really happy that Harry has finally found someone who he loves; u and Harry r the cutest couple in the world! I guess I didn't really mind the hate as I got a lot of it from my dad when I was at home. We walked past a pet shop. Harry stopped suddenly staring at a window holding 6 gray coloured cats, their yellow lamp like eyes staring longly at us. "No" I sternly said. "Yes" Harry said happily entering the store and dragging me in after him. "Hello, may I help you" the beautiful redhead asked. She smiled seductivly at Harry but he seemed unfased as he squeezed my hand. "Yes I would like to purchase that kitten in the front window" He said proud with himself. "Sure which one". "The one the heart shape patch on iits chest" he replied. She reached into the pen which held the kittens, "This one sir" she asked. "Yes definitly" he said. As a small gray coloured kitten was set on the counter, I noticed that it was smaller than the others and it did have a small white heart shaped patch on its chest. As Harry payed for and we walked him craddiling it as if it was a baby. "A symbol of our love" he said happily. "What are you going to name her?" I asked curiously. "You mean what are you going to name her" he said. "Dinah" I said stroking its soft fur. "Yes, it has a nice ring to it" he said satisfied.

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