Why does life have to be so complicated, Valerie's life would probably have been easier if she had never meet Niall...Could Harry find out about her and Niall?


13. Change My Mind

I was now so unsure of who I loved more, Harry was very handsome and very cheeky, he made me feel alive and young. Then there was Niall very handsome as well but he made me feel comfortable and safe. I felt bad cheating on Harry but when I was with Niall it just felt so right. So I called Liam. "Please come over I need some help" I said as innocently as possible. "Who wouldn't say no to a damsel in distress?" Liam said and laughed. After about 20 minutes he was the penthouse door. "Liam I need some advice" I said sweetly. "What with?" He asked. "Promise not to tell but umm I've been cheating on Harry with Niall" I said guiltily. "Ok um well as Johnny depp said If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second one" Liam said wisely. "Yep but I love Harry so much" I said. "Well then choose Harry" he said politically. "But I love Niall" I said. "Who did you love first?" Liam inquired. "Harry of course" I replied. "Well if I were you then I'd choose Harry" he said. "Thank you Liam" I said and hugged him.

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