Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


3. your dead

            I never thought i would miss my house so much. I seen someone open my door a little it was harry . I asked "whta are you doing here?" he looked down "umm.....i just wanted to see if you were ok" "im fine!" i slammed the door . I seen a text on my phone it was josh he wanted me to go out. i had to tell him i couldnt and why. I missed him and karina so much. After a while of sitting in my room i got so bored and went to the backyard. They had a huge pool. I ran back to my room put my bathingsuite on and jumped in. It was cold but then i got used to it. I heard a huge splash it was Niall i avoided him but then he splashed me i looked at him mad then splashed back. after a while i didnt see him and got worried. i felt somthing pull me under water when i popped back up me and niall were so close he was so cute he leand in i heard a cough then coucht myself about to kiss niall i had a boyfriend what was i doing. I looked over it was Harry "mind if i join you " he said with a smirk on his face then jumped in. We stood in the pool for a while making jokes and playing marco polo after a while i got bored and got out i took a shower when i heard someone knock on the door  and say"JULIE HURRY UP" the voice was deep i knew it was harry "No" i replyed laughing when i got out i seen him sitting down waiting for me. i smiled and keeped walking i went to the kitchen and seen a girl i asked liam"who is she?" your brothers girlfriend" how did louis get a girl so pretty well he was good looking. Liam gave me a look like i shouldnt mess this up for louis. i gave him a look back then i asked her "what is your name?" eleanor " she replied then louis came down "who are you" "julie louis sister" louis said "o i see you too met" elenor looked at me weird "what!" i said "well i just thought you were nialls boyfriend?" i gave her that look like what did you just say i said "what would make you think that" she said "well harry." harry givimg her hand signials to stop "what did harry say" "he said he saw you and niall about to kiss" "WHAT!  IHAVE A BOYFRIEND!" everyone stopped to look at me i said "what"  very shyly louis said to break the tension in the room "well me and eleanor are leaving" as soon as they left i attaked harry he threw me on the couch i got up and jumpede on his back"WHY WOULD YOU TELL!" he tried to get me off then did and got me to the floor his knees on my arms "GET OFF!" "THEN DONT ATTACK ME" he got off i said " i have a boyfriend why would i kiss him" harry surgged his sholders liam came down and said "why are you guys yelling " "because harry said something he shouldnt have said" i ran to my room

                      Harrys P.O.V

                 I didnt mean to hurt her feelings. I just thought she liked niall because they were about to kiss. liam asked " why is she so mad" I looked at liam "i have to tell you something its about julie... I umm




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