Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


13. why are you here?

“what are you doing here!?” “julie I miss you to much!” I didn’t know what to do “umm…ok well if anyone asks your name is roger” he looked at me confused then stepped inside I took him to the kitchen and shared the pizza liam came and yelled’ PIZZA” all the boys came running down when they got their food Louis asked “who’s this?” “this is roger my friend “ they all looked at me liam” how do you know him “ “……he is visiting his aunt he goes to my school” they all looked at each other when the boys were leaving the kitchen Louis whispered in his ear  ”I got my eye on you”

  I went outside with josh then harry came out “what are you two doing “ josh answered “just talking” harry said “whats your name again “ “jo….roger “ harry got mad and said”your josh!” josh got up and said “so what are you going to do” harry said “get out “ “only if Julie wants me to!” they both looked at me then all the boys came “why are you yelling “that’s josh!” niall got mad “I think you should leave!” josh “mabey you should shutup” niall was about to swung but missed I got up “STOP!” “Look josh maybe you should go” “alright” he was going to kiss me on the cheek but Louis grabbed him when he left Louis came up to me “you invited him here?” “no he just showed up” “ I thought he cheated on you?” “it was all a mix up” “look Julie I don’t want him over here I don’t really like him” I ran to harrys room why would josh come back harry came in the room and said “you can have your old room back your dad is gone” I packed my stuff and went to my old room as I was unpacking I just remembered I only had close for a week I should ask Louis to take me to the store tomorrow i ran to ask Louis he said “I already had Eleanor pick out clothes for you it is in your closet “ I ran back up and seen all the clothes it was so cute then I heard something hit the window it was josh “can I come up” I nodded my head he had a ladder “what are you doing back here?” I need somewhere to sleep” I set up a bed for him on the floor but he just crawled in bed with me I kept a distance from him

 In the Morning I woke up josh and told him to leave but he said “I want to eat breakfast first” I went down stairs and got 2 plates of eggs and bacon Louis said” why do you have two?” “Because I am really hungry” then I ran to my room I gave josh his food when he was done he gave me a kiss on the cheek and left harry came in “who were you talking to?” “no one why?”he searched my room and found joshes wallet.

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