Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


15. trying to empress

 Then I seen harry I was walking toward him when I seen another girl go up to him they were laughing and she wrote her number on his hand I walked up to him “can you give me a ride home?” he froze the girl said” ask someone else” I gave her a dirty look “harry weres zayn liam or niall” he didn’t answer but I seen niall about to leave”niall can you give me a ride home” he smiled “ya “ when we got in the car I said “I am happy for you and demi “ he smiled “niall who is that girl harry was talking to” just some girl he likes” “o” we got home I watched tv with liam then I heard harry come in I shouldn’t be mad because we are just friends   he looked at me and pointed to his room I went to his room “Julie what did you have to tell me earlier “ I forgot about that “o I was saying how I think we should just stay friends” he got sad “harry its ok you still have that girl”  I walked out of the room and went to my room I liked him but I mean he likes someone else I fell asleep I woke up it was 4 I seen harry sitting on my bed “what are you doing here “ he kissed me I felt him trying to take my shirt off then I heard a loud slam  then woke up it was just a dream i looked around and I was on the floor I seen Louis “are you ok” I got up “ya were are you going?” Louis” we have an interview “ I rolled my eyes “wanna come? “ “no it will be weird “ “alright bye “ he gave me a hug and left I went to the kitchen and had some cereal the doorbell rang I opened it, it was Eleanor I invited her in”hi Eleanor what are you doing here?” “I came to see Louis” “he just left for an interview”  she sighed “alright bye” she headed towards the door “wait wanna go shopping!” “sure “ she smiled “ok let me go  get dressed I came back down we got in the car and left when we got to the mall me and Eleanor were trying on cute dresses I bought one and she bought sunglasses we left and went to starbucks we sat at a table “Eleanor can I ask you something” “ya sure “ “well I like harry but he likes some girl and he asked me out before and I said no” Eleanor said “I thought you liked niall” “no” Eleanor stopped to think there is a party tonight come you can were the new dress you bought! Harry will love you when he sees you if he goes but still!” I smiled “is Louis going” “I think” we threw our coffees away and left when I got home and seen Louis “guess who I hung out with today!” he looked confused “who?” “Eleanor!” he smiled “did you have fun” I smiled “ya” and went to my room I took a shower and when I got out I put on my robe and did my make up harry waked in o no all I had was my robe! “HARRY GET OUT!” he closed the door and left I continued putting on my makeup I got the dress out of my bag and put it on  I found a cute jean jacket to put over I heard Eleanor downstairs I seen harry in the hall he just stared at me I went down stairs “hey Eleanor” she waved hi I seen harry come down he was coming everyone but niall liam already left an hour before to help set up  Louis and Eleanor went together zayn and perrie so I was stuck with harry ! I got in the car “Julie you look nice” “thank so do you” I seen we weren’t going the right way”harry were are we going?” “we have to pick up someone”we got to their house it was the girl!

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