Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


7. to much love

louis  gave me a look then harry said"i am just kidding its mine "he took a sip louis invited elenaor and after a while i could tell harry niall and luois were drunk niall said"julies my girlfriend " no shes mine " harry said about to fall over niall said "but we did it" i was getting mad harry said 'no because we did it first"  i want up to them and they both tried to kiss me i slappled them and ran to my room why would they even say that i hate them everyone was starring at me! i never want to talk to them ever again.

                   In the moring i took a shower and got dressed. i went to go eat and niall said"did you have fun yesterday?" i rolled my eyes and walked away he grabbed my arm and said 'whats wrong?" i pushed him away and went into the kitchen i started to eat when i seen harry sit next to me i moved over "what" harry said i turned my head "yesterday you kissed me and said we were dating so what is wrong" i looked at him and said "you should know and i only did that so you and louis wouldnt fight " harry looked confused i got up and sat next to liam on the sofa. liam said "are you ok from yesterday" i nodded my head niall came and sat next to me i got up and sat on the floor. niall said "julie please tell me what i did to upset you" i looked at liam so he could tell him niall said "julie im sorry i didnt mean to i just really like you" i seen niall start to cry i felt bad and hugged him  he looked at me and said " i am really sorry i never ment to" i kissed his cheek and said "its ok" niall hugged me tighter then louis came down and spilt us up and said "niall and liam do ou want to come paintballing with us today " they both said yes i got upset "louis can i go" you are grounded" "please louis " he smiled and said" do you think you can handle it " i smiled and said"ya" he said " ok" i got my bag and came back down everyone was in the car liam was driving harry was in the passenger seat zayn and parrie were all the way in the back and in the middle row it was louis elenor and niall i said" were should i sit " niall pointed at his lap i sat on his lap louis was about to pull me on the floor but elenor stopped him.  i smiled at her when we got there liam said "2 people in each team " it was zayn and perrie louis and elenor liam and harry and me and niall . when the game started harry was about to shoot me but niall pushed me out of the way and got shoot him self i smiled at him i shoot liam but louis shoot me at the end of the game i had gotten shoot 4 times i was glad it wasnt more louis said"who wants lunch ?" niall screamed "ME!" we all laughed when we were walking to the resturant people were asking are you nialls girlfriend i smiled and said "yes"

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