Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


9. starting again


My dad came in I ran up to him and hugged him “why are you back so early” “the meeting was cancelled and I get a week off so we are going to visit your brother  I wanted him to come here but he wanted us to go there so go pack your stuff”  I went to my room and had to put some of my stuff back because we were only staying for a week.

                Louis P.O.V

I have to figure out where to have them sleep it was a big house but there were not a lot of bedrooms my stepmom and my dad can sleep were Julie slept and Julie could sleep in my room or one of the boys. I ran down to tell the boys why Julie left and also told them “guys my dad didn’t know Julie was here so when she gets here you have to act like you just met her” all the boys nodded their heads . I wonder how my step mom would be I been with her once or twice but that’s it.

            Julies P.O.V

We got on the plane and some girl who was like seven was like”are you Louis is sister” I nodded my head “are you really dating niall?” I nodded my head “I thought you were at there house” “I was for a bit”  she kept asking me questions I was so glad to be off that plane when we got to the house I see niall I was going to hug him but I couldn’t because I had to act like I didn’t know him Louis”hi guys”  he gave each of us a hug “umm this is zayn liam niall and harry  I smiled at them Louis took them t there room niall said “Julie you could sleep in my room?” I nodded my head “we just cant let my dad know or he will get so mad” I took my bags to nialls room he helped me unpack  liam came in the room and said “hi” after a while we all got really bored liam said”lets go swimming!” I smiled and got my bathing suite I had to go and change in the bathroom now when I was done I waited for liam and niall I seen them by nialls window and jumped  I started laughing at them niall grabbed my arm and pulled me in me and niall were close together and were about to kiss when my step mom came!!! She had her bathing suite on “eww “ she gave me a dirty look . niall smiled after a while I got out and my step mom said”go make me a sandwich” I gave her a dirty look and got her a sandwich they got dressed when I went back to the room there was a rose on the bed from niall.


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