Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


5. nobody wants me

    Niall got in the car and said " wooah dont get to excited to go to the market" i smiled and seen louis coming i told niall"HURRY" niall drove off . i sighed in relif "why did you want me to leave so fast?" niall said confused "because louis was coming" "so" "i am grounded" niall smiled and kept driving we got to the market there were so many people taking pictures of us i was going to yell at them to stop but niall looked at me like dont do it. when we got in the store there were no more pictures we left with a full cart of food. When we got home louis was angry he came up to me"Why the hell did you do that" i laughed "i just went to the market came your tits" he got more mad and said"I should just send you back with kate because you dont give a fuck here or there!" I looked at louis " Mom died and dad left you or kate dont want me and my boyfriend cheated on me knowone wants me!' i ran to my room i packed my bags crying i got everything and went to nialls room and zayns and told them both they were the only ones that liked me. I seen louis in the kitchen and i left

             Nialls P.O.V

    I am sad she left i really liked her she lasted only half of two days other people thought of her as mean but when i saw her she put a smile on my face i went to see how louis was doing with her leaving i seen him with his head down i said" its ok lad she will be just fine" he looked up and said "i am going to talk to her" i was confused"were are you going julie left?" louis yelled"WHAT" he ran to his car.

            louis P.O.V

   I cant belive she really left i think i was being kinda hard on her for telling her to go back to kate . i needed to find her .

             Julies P.O.V

  I cant belive he told me to go back to kate i hated her. i seen a red car pull up next to me it was louis "get in the car" i said "no you hate me" "no i dont you are my sister i love you" i am never going to get in the car" i seen him pull out his phone than a few minitues later niall came saying"julie please get in the car" i looked at him niall was my favorite person right now so i got in his car "niall hugged me when i herd my phine ring it was josh i answerd "what the hell do you want" i said "why are you hanging out with another guy" "he is just a friend and i know about you and lailah we are done!" niall said " you ok" i said ya with a smile in my face.

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