Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


14. leave

“WHY WAS HE HERE!”  “harry please don’t tell”josh came up on the ladder “Julie I forgot my pulled him back in the room”harry please don’t tell” harry looked up”I just want to know this… do you still have feelings for him” I froze do I have feelings for josh I mean after I let him out of my life I was much nicer and found a guy who will treat me right “no”  harry smiled I went down stairs and heard yelling it was Louis liam and josh? I ran towards them “josh what are you doing here?” Louis said”he fell off a ladder that lead to your room”  “guys can I talk to josh alone “ they left “look josh I don’t want to be with you” “what !” “I just feel that my life is much better without you” he got really mad “Julie you are going to be my girlfriend I don’t care if you want to or not!” “you can’t make me !” he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and started runningout of the yard “HELP” liam seen and told Louis they were running after me liam caught up to him and stopped him Louis came a grabbed me “leave her alone “Louis yelled josh punched him and liam punched josh finally josh ran off “thanks guys” they both hugged me and we walked home when we got home I seen niall with demi I asked harry “why is she here that’s nialls girlfriend now” I smiled and told harry to come with me to his room “what” “well “ then his phone rang when he hung up I was going to continue but he said” tell me  what you have to tell me when I get back I have to go to the studio” he ran out of the room

            I was walking around the house so bored there was nothing to do so I went for a walk girls went up to me “are you dating niall “I responded “no” and kept walking I went to starbucks and got a coffee I seen liam getting out of a car and going into the studio I walked over when a security guard said “sorry you can’t come in” I said smiling “but I’m Louis tomlinsons sister Julie Tomlinson” he looked at me then turned away “come on I really am I will call him now” I looked for Louis number on my phone and called I put it on speaker “hello” he said “Louis what my full name “ “Julie Tomlinson” “why?” “nothing bye the security guard opened the door I walked in and seen them making a video so I looked around I seen Louis dressing room and walked in   I seen Eleanor sitting down “what are you doing here?” I asked “o I am just waiting for Louis because he is taking me to dinner after this. What are you doing here?”  “I got bored at home” it got quite “umm wanna pull a prank on Louis “ she smiled and said “a “ we figured out what we were going to do Louis came in and seen Eleanor on the floor I turned the lights off he was getting scared I snuck up behind him and said “BOO!” he screamed and ran out of the room I turned the lights on and gave Eleanor a high five Louis came back in “why the hell did you guys do that!” it got quite then he started laughing Louis said “wait julie when did you get here” “a long time ago I got really bored at home” “ok well me and Eleanor have to go now try and get a ride with the other boys” I tried looking for all the boys but I think they all left


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