Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


4. leave me alone

  has a boyfriend" liam "o sorry mate i know you liked her" I know i just met her today but something about her just made me like her.

    After a while julie came downstaires with watery eyes. did i hurt her that bad?

                 Julies P.O.V

  I just dont understand should i call. I just cant belive josh cheated on me with lailah. Karina had sent me a pic of them kissing! I dont think i should call

       I wiped my watery eyes because harry kept looking at me i decided to go upstaies and hang out with niall. I went in his room and seen him sleeping I woke him up and he feel out of the bed. he looked a little confused then smiled. i smiled back Niall said" i meant to fall" i just laughed Still sad about josh Niall said "whats wrong you look sad" i shook my head he picked my head up with his finger i said "i see my boyfriend kiss another girl " niall said "well just think of it like this he is missing out on a great girl " i smiled after a while i fell asleep in nialls bed.

       In the moring i seen my head on nialls chest he was shritless . I thouht when did he even take his shrit off probly in the middle of the night then i heard a cough it was louis "julie what do you think your doing in here" he woke up niall i said" i just fell asleep" louis said "no you cant sleep in the boys beds or date the boys" i looke at louis the cuddled back with niall louis picke me up bridle style and put me in the hall "look i can do what i want " i said mad " you have to follow my rules ! now go to your room you are grounded!" I stompped to my room and seen harry in my bed i woke him up"umm what are you doing in my room?" "my room smelled liam put a stink bomb in there" " well get out" i said " no im tired!" he said while pulling me on the bed well not my fult i fell asleep when i woke up it was 12 and harry was gone i went to get something to eat then got ready i walked to the door when louis came out of nowhere "were do you think your going?" he said while rasing ans eyebrow. "out " "you are grounded so you cant go" i tried to push my way out but louis threw me over his sholder and put me on the sofa Niall yelled who wants to come with me to the market i ran out the door and into nialls car

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