Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


2. i hate this place

i looked at her confused and said "whats going on?' she said while pushing me to the car " you decided to sneek out and i dont want to deal with you for a month so i am sending you to live with your brother" I sat in the car and in the plane frozen.

    I havent seen my brother in about 3 years when he went on X Factor and even before that we never got along! When i got off the plane and saw louis. He said "hey little sis " I rolled my eyes at him and got in the car. When we got to the house it was huge Louis showed me to my room . i unpaked all my bags when i seen a note:

         Dear Julie,

    I need you not to tell your dad i sent you off. If you tell him i will tell him that you snuck out, took drugs, and swore so i wouldnt tell him bye : )

                            love, kate


 I hate her so much i threw away the note and walked around the house i heard a loud slam and went in the room i seen a two boys one had curly hair and green eyes and the other had blond hair and blue eyes they bothe stood up and looked at me i said " umm.... hi im julie" the boy with blue eyes said " hi im niall and that harry " he gave me a hug I pushed him off and left next i ran into a boy he had cute hair. "hi im julie " hi im zayn he replied i smiled at him and kept walking i tried to look for the other boy . but couldnt find him so i just bwent to watch tv I seen the remote and changed it from soccer and put on extream couping after 5 minites a boy came from the kitchen and said why did you change it. i said " i didnt know you we watching tv" he said " well change it back " i looked at him and turned back to the tv he walked infront of the tv i said "umm what do you think your doing " he said" change the channle " i changed it he moved and i changed it back.he came up to me and try to take the remote i got mad when he took it and hit him in the balls he screamed in pain all the boys came running harry said liam what happend liam replyed in a really deep voice because he was in pain" she hit me in the balls!' louis said"JULIE !" I said he took the remote and was being rude !" louis said yelling"THAT DOSENT MEAN YOU CAN HIT HIM!" i stuck the finger up at louis. and went to my room

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