Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


8. going back


Niall smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We went into the restaurant and got a table in the back while we were waiting for our food my step mom called I went to the bathroom and answered “what!” she said “your father is coming home on Friday so you have 2 days to get back!” I froze I really like it here and now I had to go back I hung up and sat back down I didn’t want to tell anyone I just sat down and ate my food when we got home I went to my room and took a nap by the time I woke up it was 3 I was about to fall back asleep when I heard people talking I walked down it was Louis and harry why were they up? “Louis please help me I really like her but she likes niall!” Louis “I am sorry harry but she likes niall” I heard the tv turn off I was walking back up when harry saw me he got red I ran to my room and went under the covers. I felt someone lay in my bed I turned over it was liam “what are you…” he put his finger on my lip and pulled me close I didn’t want him here I was dating niall “liam get out im dating niall” but he was already asleep so I just went to his room he had a big  room I laid I  his bed and seen hair it was harry I screamed  he turned around “what are you doing here “ “liam fell asleep in my bed so I came here  why can’t you sleep in your bed ?”  “because Louis needs to use my room for something  “ I left the room and went on the sofa when I woke up I seen everyone starring at me niall”you sleep so cute” why did they all watch me sleep I got up and went to change

     I almost forgot my dad I had to leave I packed my bags it took me an hour when I was done I had breakfast  Louis said “Julie are you ok “ “Louis I have to tell you something  I have to go home today” Louis “but dad is coming to visit me here “ I was so confused “so I have to go home then come back” Louis” I guess so”I got my bags and came back down it was a long flight all the boys got up and said “were are you going” I will be back Louis drove me to the airport

 The plain ride took a day so when I got home it was Friday I seen my dads car coming I ran to my room put my suite case on my bed then heard the door open


    *sorry not a very good ending*




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