Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


12. giving advice

he swam right passed me he just went to talk to zayn  they both went inside after a while a got bored and sat on the chair harry came out the I seen a water balloon  hit him o no then I felt one hit me it was zayn and niall I got up and ran I was hiding behind a bush I herd someone say “SHES OVER THERE” I got up and ran wheni bumped into niall we both fell in the pool niall looked me in the eyes I went underwater and got out of the pool I went inside and took a shower and went to harrys room I seen his phone light up it was a text from josh: so when are you going to make your move? Harry had a girlfriend? He came in the room “hi Julie” “hi umm harry can I ask you something?” “anything” “well I seen your phone light up and it said when are you going to make your move so umm… do you have a girlfriend?” harrys face got red “no it was just about this girl I like” “maybe I can give you advice “ harry smiled “can you?” “ya sure” “so what do girls hate the most that guys do on a date ?” “Well they hate when they ignore them, chew with their mouth open and look at the tv or on their phone during a date” “how do you ask them out?” “well they don’t like to much romance but I always wanted someone to come with a rose and say will you go out with me” harry nodded his head “who was this girl anyway ?” harry said “I’ll be right back “ he came in with a rose and said” will you go out with me”  I froze “harry look I want to but I have to much right now I want us to be friends first “ harry got sad I gave him a hug and I kiss on the cheek  he smiled

 I went down stairs my dad said “Julie do you want to go home or stay here for a month” I kinda wanted to stay here but I also wanted to go home “I want to stay here” “ok because me and kate are leaving now “ “ok bye dad” I gave him a big hug after they left I went to Louis room”I am staying!” “Julie I hope you know you might be alone most of the time because we haveto start recording” what did he just say my dad didn’t tell me any of that well it does bet staying with kate so “ok” I got my phone and ordered pizza because the boys ate all the chicken!  After 10 minutes the door bell rang my pizza was here and as I was about to close the door someones foot hit the door i looked up it was my ex josh

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