Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


10. confused


He was so sweet then I felt someone hug me it was niall he wanted me to go out to dinner with him “I can’t my dad is here” niall gave me a sad face and kissed me I pulled away and said “I will try and go out tonight” niall smilled and said “be ready at seven” it was 3 before I left the room niall said”were a dress” I laughed “ok” I went to see what the boys were doing and I seen my step mom talking to harry and liam  I heard her say my name and said”what are you telling them “ “o I am just telling them about you and josh and how you are bad” what did she say about me and josh? “what did you say about me and josh?” “I just told them how you two would kiss all the time and were about to do it” she laughed my face turned red “NO WE NEVER DID IT!” I was so mad now why would she say that “calm down you little drama queen !” I wanted to hit this lady right now! “WERE IS MY DAD OR LOUIS!” “they went out they told me and the boys to watch you” I ran  to nialls room and slammed the door I was so mad I seen a text on my phone from josh

            Julie I still like you in fact I love you! That picture was from the day of the party you were there look at you in the back round please come back with me I love you

       I can’t believe it now I had to choose between josh and niall because now I had feelings for josh. I felt dizzy I didn’t know who then I blacked out  I got up it was 7:30 I was out for a long time I went to see what they were doing niall said “are you ok I seen you on the floor” that reminded me our date “umm niall can I ask you something “ went to the room “do you still want to go on the date” niall kissed my head and said “its ok you still look pale I think we should stay home” I smiled at him he went back to the kitchen harry came in and said “I know about you and josh I seen the text on your phone” I didn’t know what to say “just please don’t break nialls heart  and umm did you and josh really kiss all the time” I nodded my head harrys eyes widened “wow” I said”ya” as harry was leaving he turned aroung and said” Julie if you need anything just ask” I ran up to him and gave him a hug and said “can I talk to you about something now?” “ya sure” we went to his room “harry I like niall and I like josh I just don’t know what to do” harry “I think that you should just take some time to think” “ya but how do I tell niall” then harry froze “what’” I turned around niall heard everything!


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