Our love

This is about a girl named Julie who can't stand her brother louis and his band one direction! Then she is forced to get a long with him and the other mates and just might fall for one along the way!


1. Sneek out

I was on the floor saying no when a man pulled out a knife and I heard someone scream my name and I woke up it was my step mom yelling at me to get up one I was fully awake she told me my dad wasn't home so I had to walk. I called my boyfriend josh (we have been dating for five months ) to come pick me up.
I went in my closet and picked out a nice loose blue tee with black skinny jeans after I got dressed i went to brush my teeth and comb my hair when I was done I was about to walk out when my step mom said " your dads not going to be home for a month " my jaw dropped she continued "so I am not going to let you go to the party " I stormed out of the house angry and went to joshes car he asked " Julie why are you so mad" I told him and once he parked the car and kissed my forehead and said " it's ok honey it will work out " the. I walked into the building" I seem my best friend and walked in to class with her we were whispering I told her how I couldn't go then the bll rang when we got to the hall she said " what are you going to do?" I told her with a smirk on my face " sneek out" she high fived me and went to class.
When school was over I went home and had a snack and saw my step mom man I hated her I just went the other way and texted josh to meet me outside at 10 it was 8 I took a shower and put on a black vest with a white tee under with the same pants I went to my basement and went out the window I saw josh and went in his car we got to the party I saw karina making out with her boyfriend so I just walked to the kitchen with josh he was making me laugh when lailah walked in omg I hated her she always tried to steal my boyfriend she rolled her eyes at me and started to talk to josh she was putting her fingers through his hair then kissed him I got so mad josh pulled away I looked at her and punched her we started to fight I felt josh pulling me off her and took me home I kissed josh on the cheek and left when I got to the room I saw my step mom with my bags packed.
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