Any form of bullying can lead to serious consequences. Cyber bullying is one of the worst form(s) of bullying. Suicide is the most common. Death is no joke. I've lost two (now three) of my best friends in my life and they were very close to my heart. They were like my sisters/brother.

Let our generation(s) make a difference. Trying to gain 500,000 names then 1,000,000 names - enough to get people's attention to see what bullying really does to their victims, no matter how old they are and what they go through in life. They just feel powerful when using force and anger on their target. But really, they (bullies) are just like us.Taking their problems and turning them onto their targets. HELP STOP TODAY!



2. Like You're in Prison

Bullying takes things to the next level. Like I said, death is no joke. When someone passes away, everything in your life changes. They were left feeling insecure, hurt, sad and alone. Many of us don't realize what bullying is REALLY doing to those people who are being put down or being excluded in certain activities. If they say it was a "joke", stand up to them; saying that it hurt you and felt left out and alone. I, myself have been in this position.

Many situations result in many excuses that may/will affect your friendship with your friends. If they have an excuse for EVERYTHING (or if they're a master-mind excuser), corner them with evidence. Evidence gets you to the source. The known source (or unknown source) may/may not provide you the information you want/need so, ask others who may have seen/heard about it.

Ask yourself this: Have your "friends" EVER called you names that they say they don't mean to hurt you? Have your "friends" EVER talked behind your back? Have your "friends" left you feeling insecure, alone and feeling like a nobody? Have you EVER been cyber bullied, physically, mentally? Have your "friends" ganged up on you on the school grounds, outside of school, etc? If you have answered YES to 1-2 of these questions, the people you hang out with, your "friends" who are either close to you (best friend(s) or just encounters (another word for friend(s), they're not who they are to be.

Over time, adolescence (teens), gossip spreads on the internet, magazines, media, etc. Rumors begin to spread (e.g. school, neighborhood, media, etc). The rumors can spread for days at a time, sometimes for weeks or may be even years if not confirmed. The less painful rumors will/may only last for a few minutes or one day if lucky. Also, people change over the years. I, myself have stayed the same for a long time. However, that doesn't mean I haven't changed things about me. I used to be really shy. Now, I'm confident. I used to wear bright colors. Now, I wear a mix of colors. I used to wear dresses and skirts. Now, I wear skinny jeans. I used to be a girly girl. Now, I'm a mix of girly girl and tomboy. I'm now more mature and I take responsibility. I still go to school, enjoying life and having fun. But life doesn't always have a happy ending.

While I have turned my life around at the age of 12-13, it took ALOT of counseling, strength, support and love I had. At just 12, I lost my best friend, Brianna in a car accident. I was there when it happened. She was bullied too. Two months after her death, I began to cut my wrists, becoming "emo". I wore black clothing most of the year. I cried myself to sleep, having negative thoughts - wishing myself I wanted to die. Counseling took 2 years. It was hard having to tell everything to him/her/them, but everything was confidential and only stays in the room.

I look back and think how much I've changed in those two years. Yeah, I still miss Brianna but I'm moving on, living my life as it is and knowing she is watching over me.


Amanda Todd is another story. I knew her 10 days BEFORE she committed suicide. Knowing a friend you've known during that time period is just heart-wrenching and heartbreaking at the same time. It felt like a knife had just punctured deeply in my heart. I promised myself I wouldn't go back to the person I was before. I saw the clip she linked to me when we talked and it was so sad. Her story sent me a message: A message to stop bullying. I WILL continue to her legacy. I WILL continue to spread her message. I WILL continue to make a difference.


Start making a change today. SAVE a life TOMORROW.

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