Any form of bullying can lead to serious consequences. Cyber bullying is one of the worst form(s) of bullying. Suicide is the most common. Death is no joke. I've lost two (now three) of my best friends in my life and they were very close to my heart. They were like my sisters/brother.

Let our generation(s) make a difference. Trying to gain 500,000 names then 1,000,000 names - enough to get people's attention to see what bullying really does to their victims, no matter how old they are and what they go through in life. They just feel powerful when using force and anger on their target. But really, they (bullies) are just like us.Taking their problems and turning them onto their targets. HELP STOP TODAY!



14. Creator's Bad Days

Hey everyone,


Since Friday (25th Feb 2013) I've been shocked and angry about a certain situation which is still on-going. Her words made me broke down in tears. I just recently found a new piece of information. Once you post something on the internet - whether it's a picture, document, updating your status, anything, it stays there FOREVER! If you delete your status on Facebook for example; yes the post is gone then again, its not really gone. You may have deleted your Facebook status but its there forever. If there was an investigation and they need to obtain all records of convocations on Facebook, the police can get that, whether its on the Facebook page or deleted. Yes, deleted posts can still be obtained if police need to check all records and where the conversation took place, what it was about, who started the conversation, etc.


For me, I didn't think this would be on-going till I found of pieces of information from a former best friend, let's call her Lily. A couple of months back, I introduced her to a website that I was on. A few months later, her story was featured on the homepage. I was proud of her. Now, after a few days, she decides to believe all the lies that have been told to her.


The first post she wrote to another user: "Well one of them wrote on this site that she wishes I’m dead and the other friend (who was supposed to be my best friend) is covering up for her because the other girl wrote it on her wall! :("


Yesterday morning, I found another piece of information. This is another comment she wrote to the same user; just hours ago: "Why do you think I am feeling this way! because I was too stupid and naive to see the lies that were right in front of me! :( Anyway sorry for dragging you into this, how are you?"


The first comment she wrote to the user was told to me by my best friend of a long time. She was also the one who told me what the former best friend was really doing. When my best friend told what she said about me, I broke down in tears. My best friend even told me that my petition to stop bullying, I'm not doing anything about it like I'm just gonna let it go. That hit me hard because I'm not going to let go of what I'm doing here in Movellas. This petition to stop bullying is changing. I've changed a bully's life around after he/she read what I had to say. He/she admitted were a bully, not anymore. That touched my heart because after reading that comment was a good feeling. The former best friend disgusts me. She knew I was doing this for a reason. Also, the former best friend and I haven't hung out for a year and a half!


The second comment made me more angry than the last one. I shouldn't be but it did. The lies were from people who told them to her. She told me to delete a comment from my page and I did. She, however, does not believe me. My other friend, let's call her Jasmine wrote on my wall about Lily which was out of context.


UPDATE: The former best friend now says I'm the one with the problem, not her.


Have your say and write your comment below on what you think I should do, who is right and who is wrong?

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