Any form of bullying can lead to serious consequences. Cyber bullying is one of the worst form(s) of bullying. Suicide is the most common. Death is no joke. I've lost two (now three) of my best friends in my life and they were very close to my heart. They were like my sisters/brother.

Let our generation(s) make a difference. Trying to gain 500,000 names then 1,000,000 names - enough to get people's attention to see what bullying really does to their victims, no matter how old they are and what they go through in life. They just feel powerful when using force and anger on their target. But really, they (bullies) are just like us.Taking their problems and turning them onto their targets. HELP STOP TODAY!



22. Comments + Shoutouts


I've haven't been on for a while because of school and as an 11th grade student, you have more h/w and become more busy which means less time on the things I'm working on. This chapter is all about the amazing comments you guys have left for me. There is no right or wrong comment(s). These are just some of the comments I could find left on the comments page. More are to be added.


Miakat&Pianist - Hi Amee, I'm writing a Movella, from the P.O.V of a girl who bullies herself and is finding it hard to cope, I wrote the first prologuet bit on your leg, I did it because this Movella inspired me, and for that, I say thank you. I think your a good inspiration and a great agony aunt. Keep doing what you're doing. I've already published the firstr bit. Thank you. For writing this Movella. ~ Miakt xox

I think you're amazing to do this, a true inspiration.


My comment: You guys are my inspiration. For me, making a difference and getting people to open their minds about bullying really brings a smile upon my face =)


Kallie StyPayHorLikSon - Can you put me and my friends on the petition too? Names are: Kallie StyPayHorLikSon, I_Luv_1Direction, and Larry Stylinson Forever


My comment: Can I just say, breaking off piece by piece of the British boyband, One Direction members last names is very creative! Also, thank you for adding your friends names too! You are the first to do so. Thank you very much!


MelChika+LiamPayne - hi. could you add me to the petition pls? I hate bullying and to know that two of ur best friends died coz of bullying is heartbreaking. I was at the verge of tears, Pls! Add me to the petition! I want bullying to stop


My comment: We lose someone very close to us one point in our lives. I was absolutely heartbroken when my 12-year old best friend died and for Amanda, she didn't deserve it.

meganhoran8389 - My friend was friends with Amanda Todd ,she was distraught when she died. I didn't know her personally but met her once or twice. I can't believe people could be that cruel and do that to someone I mean telling someone to drink bleach and kill themselves is sick!!! This story is so inspiring I'm so glad your write it and reLly admire you..!!!


My comment: Thank you for telling me that I'm an inspiration because I never thought in my life I would be called something like that. As I said with the first comment on this chapter, you guys are my inspiration. We all want bullying to stop but it can't be stopped permanently. An hour, days or months will tell me that people around the world do care.

Teagen Frantz - I'm doing an anti-bullying program for my school with my friend. when I watched Cyberbully I cried so hard. Can you please add me? I've been against bullying for a long time.


My comment: The film, Cyberbully was recommended to be by a friend on mine when I was going through a hard time. I watched the film and I could see how the main character was transforming.

The Girl Next Door - Do you know what. I don't believe in anti bullying petitions, but I'm going to go back on everything I believe in and say, sign me up.


My comment: Some people don't believe in anti-bullying petitions, some do. It's your opinion and I won't turn turn it against you. But, you changing your mind, this may have opened your heart and mind about bullying.

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