Any form of bullying can lead to serious consequences. Cyber bullying is one of the worst form(s) of bullying. Suicide is the most common. Death is no joke. I've lost two (now three) of my best friends in my life and they were very close to my heart. They were like my sisters/brother. Let our generation(s) make a difference. Trying to gain 500,000 names then 1,000,000 names - enough to get people's attention to see what bullying really does to their victims, no matter how old they are and what they go through in life. They just feel powerful when using force and anger on their target. But really, they (bullies) are just like us.Taking their problems and turning them onto their targets. HELP STOP TODAY! THIS IS A PETITION TO STOP BULLYING ONCE AND FOR ALL. SPREAD THE WORD ON TWITTER, FACEBOOK, TUMBLR, ETC. LET THE WORLD KNOW BULLYING CAN BE STOPPED.


1. Names for the Petition: Movellas

Please comment on the comments below if you want to petition to Stop Bullying. Also, please read my blog about the petition and why I want bullying to stop. If you can't see your name down the list below, check Chapter 9 - Names for Petition: Movellas. Thank you.



Music<3                                     BelleBeauty                         erin-the-strange                    
Liam_fancies_me23                   EllaMovelas                          HorrorFilmGeek
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LittleMsHollywood                   KatarinaHoran                        MissLozzieB
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Disney Buddies                         1DHarryStyle<3                     Mrs.Hannah Horan
Malibu Megaster                       Alayna..(:                                RawrrBear
Primroseclone                           Ilovecheese14                         CrazySloth
1dbiggestfan                              1DStalker                                Duckies
Onedirectiongirl                  BulletproofLove~Titanium            LoraTomlinson23
Never gonna change                 lindsaykate                               mockingjay93
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Trinity                                       Teagan Frantz                          I am Haley
londonbridge1                           J.K. Panesar                             Snickers
thunderbuddy                            One Direction lover                 Katy Erin
C. Mulligan                               Lou'sLittleCarrot                      CathrynPayne
Mathlover4444                          peace_luv_niall                       Breelove1D
IceCreamGirl                            Kenni2955                              Leashy1green
Irish-pigeons                             directioner4lovatics                  Calliope
4ღℯℓ1ℯ ✰                                Miss_Fangirl2312                   M.K. Parker
XxSoulSister1SxX                    LivingForLovato                      Natasha Tomlinson
KIEVA RISING                      carlottealouisa05                       Beckbeck96
EllieePaweliski                          crystalwater                             Calmdowncurly
pinki                                         butterfly123                             -Snow-In-September-
OneSingularSensation               BritsWithPuppies                     Gabriella Sparkles
lillie5                                         LaughLikeNiall                        Cookiemonster11
peacemonkeyz1DHarry            ღMadiGreeღ                           ExplosiveCookie

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