From the moment I met you everything changed


2. The concert

About 20 minutes later she came. I hopped in the car with my bag. "let's go" my aunt said. We started driving. "so who is one direction"? I asked. "well they are this new hot boy band that came from the X-factor" she said. "well what does this music sound like is it even good"? I asked. "ya I have the cd" she said. She took about a cd and popped it in the radio. Then a song came on. "this is called what makes you beautiful" she said. After we finally got there it was 10:00pm. We found a hotel. I walked in. All kinds of girls were in there. They were singing that song called what makes you beautiful that song we were listing to in the car! Me and my aunt cramed to the front desk. "hi we saved two rooms under the last name Rivera" she said. The lady gave her they keys and told her the room numbers. My aunt has a different last name than me. We finally got to them. She was 36 and I was 37. We were at the top. We had to go through the elevator. For a long time! She gave me my key. I walked into my room. And she walked into hers. I got into my pajamas. I walked out of my room to go get some tea. I walked into the elevator. I pressed the star. Which was the lobby. But before the doors closed a guy came running and stopped it. He jumped in. He also pressed the star. Then the doors closed. "hey" he said. "hey" I said back. "I'm Bay" I said. "I'm Liam" he said. "so what are you up at night time"? He asked. "I'm just getting some tea I can't go to sleep" I said. "me too" he said. "I'm going to a concert tomorrow for a band called one direction" I said. "ummm I'm in one direction" he said. "oh cool" I said. "thank you for not fangirling" he said. "you probably get that a lot" I said giggling. "ya" he said. Then the doors opened. "so you are staying at this hotel" I asked. "ya" he said. "me and my mates too" he said. He had a British accent. "I love your British accent it's cute" I said. I walked out and walked towards the tea. He walked too. He made me some tea and handed it to me. "you know if you would like you can come meet me and the band backstage after the concert" he said. "I would love too" I said. I took a sip of the tea then walked back into the elevator.
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