From the moment I met you everything changed


4. Moving

I didn't know what to say. "Hey uh Niall can I talk to you" I said. "Okay?" he said confused. I pulled him off to the side. "I know you are going to think this is crazy but... I'm your sister" I said. He froze. "uhhhh I have to make a call" he said as he ran off. I just stood there confused. I called my mom. "Mom I found Niall" I said. She started to cry of joy. We talked for a while then Niall came up to me. He looked at me. Then he smiled and hugged me. "so your my big brother!! I have a big brother!!" I said as I let go and looked at him. He smiled. "And I have a little sister" he said. A tear fell down my face. "Wait where do you live?" he asked. "In Los Angeles" I said. "I guess I'm moving there then" he said. "No you don't have too move" I said. "Well I want to be closer to you" he said. "Then I can move in with you guys" I said. "okay wait do you know our mom?" he said. "ya do you want to talk to her?" I said. "ya please" he said. I handed him the phone as he took it and talked to our mom. I saw a tear fell down my face. I just looked at him shocked. I wiped my tears. "You and Niall are brother and sister?" Liam asked me. "ya" I said smiling. I know all the other guys heard me. They all went to go talk to Niall. Except for Harry. He saw me wipe my tears. "Are you okay love?" he asked me. "ya just super happy" I said. He gave me a hug. I held him tight. Then I heard Niall come. "Hey what happened?" I asked. "Your moving in with us!" he said happy. He gave me a hug and carried me. I just smiled. When I went home that night I packed all my things fast. My mom was just standing there looking at me with her tears in her eyes. "I will miss you" she said. "I will miss you too" I said. I walked up to her and hugged her. "Mom...don't make me cry" I said. "Call me when you get off the plane" she said. "okay" I said. Then I heard the limo driver honk outside. I walked outside. He took my bags and put them in the trunk. I waved to my mom one last time. I got in and they drove me to the airport. I took out my phone and texted Niall saying: On my way.
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