From the moment I met you everything changed


5. Liam and Harry

I walked up to the house. It was so huge! I got my bags out and and walked in. Niall ran up to me and gave me a hug. He took my bags and brought them up to a room. Liam ran down and gave me a hug. "Hey roomie" he said. I giggled an walked to my room. I sat on the floor and just looked at the room. "wow" I said under my breath. I heard Harry walk in. "hey" he said. "wow this room is like as big as my whole house" I said. He laughed. He sat down next to me. "I'm so tired!" I said. He just smiled. "Awwww you have dimples" I said as I poked them. He just laughed. Then I layed on his chest then fell asleep. I woke up and got up. Harry was sleeping on the floor next to me. I got up and woke him up. I took my phone out of my pocket. It was 8:30 a.m. I got up and walked downstairs. "hey good morning sis" Niall said. He was eating eggs. "Hey bro" I said as I yawned. "Hey" Liam said as he handed me a plate. "Thanks" I said as I sat down and grabbed a fork. Then a girl holding Louis's hand came downstairs with Louis. "Hey I'm Eleanor Louis girlfriend" she said to me. "Hi I'm Bay" I said smiling. She sat down next to Louis and hugged him as he ate breakfast. "I have to go" he said as she have Louis a goodbye kiss. "It was nice to meet you" she said as she waved bye to me. I waves back. "You too" I said. Then a girl came down the stairs. "Hey I'm Perrie you must be Bay" she said to me. "Ya" I said. She sat down. "I'm zayn's girlfriend. "cool" I said. Zayn came down and gave perrie a kiss. "I have to go" he said. "me too" perrie said. "bye " they both said as they walked out the door. I was full so I got up and unpacked my stuff. Liam came in. "Need help?" he said. "yup" I said. He ripped off the tape of one box. He put around on his mouth. "ready" he mummbled. "your crazy" I said. He ripped it off fast. "oww" he said. He held his mouth. I giggled. I walked in to the restroom to put my things in there. I came back in and Liam was gone. But there was a giant pile of clothes on the floor. I walked next to the pile to the next box. Then he grabbed me and I fell on him and the pile of clothes. I just giggled. "Stop!" I giggled. Then I landed on him. He held me by my waist. I looked up and into his eyes. The we're a preatty hazel. "ummm" I said as I got up. "ummm" he said. Then he just cleared his throat. He walked to his room. I just sat there. I kept unpacking my clothes. When I finally finished I walked out to the beach. Then Harry came out. "hey" I said. "hi love" he said. He just smiled as we walked down the beach. He looked up at the sky. "It's going to rain" he said. "It won't" I said. I walked towards the water. He got behind me. "wow it's cold" I said. " do you want to get in?" he asked. "your crazy" I said giggling. He carried me up and ran in the water. "ahhhh" I screamed. "it's cold" I said. He dumped me in. I was soaking wet. I just giggled and ran out. He tried to run out but he tripped. I giggled. He flippe his hair. It was like a sprinkler. I giggled. I got on his back like a piggyback ride. We jumped him. Then it started to pour. I giggled. He carried me up. "I told you" he said. "whatever" I said. Then I looked into his deep green eyes then we kissed.
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