From the moment I met you everything changed


3. Big brother

I rubbed my eyes as I woke up. I got up and got dressed. I grabbed my phone. I got a text from my mom. She told me my brothers name! His name is Niall Horan. She said he is here for the weekend so maybe I might run into him. He is my big brother. I have absolutely no idea who Niall Horan is! I wrote his name on my hand. I put on my makeup and did my hair. I put on my shoes and ran out the door. I stuck my phone in my back pocket. I got in the elevator and pressed the button. Then it stopped early. Liam walked in. "hey!!!Bay!!" he said very happy. "wow twice in a row" I giggled. He took out two backstage passes. "here" he said as he handed them to me. "thanks I will see you there" I said. I got out into the lobby. My aunt was standing there waiting for me. I handed her the pass. "how did you get this"? She asked. "I met a guy from one direction and he gave me them" I said as I got into the car. We drove to the concert. The place was so crowded! I crammed myself through the crowd. We finally got to the arena and found our seats. AFTER THE CONCERT. I crammed myself through the crowd all the way to the stage. I walked backstage as I showed the security guard my pass. I walked as I saw four guys talking to Liam. "hey" I said. "oh hey!!" Liam said. "this is bay guys" he said. "this is Louis" he said as he pointed to one. Louis waved hi. "this is zayn" he said as he pointed to the guy next to Louis. "hey" he said. "this is Harry" he said as he pointed to the next guy. "hello" Harry said. "hi" I said. "and this in Niall" he said. NIALL!!!!!! "hey" he said. "What's your last name"? I asked as I checked my hand. "Niall Horan" he said. THIS GUY WAS MY BIG.......BROTHER!!!!
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