From the moment I met you everything changed


1. Me

I'm in high school. I'm a senior. I'm seventeen. My best friend is Jordan. We have been best friends since first grade. I ran down the hall. I ran into the classroom. "Late again Ms. Gonzales" Mrs.Robinson said to me upset and annoyed. I just walked up to my seat and sat down. Mrs. Robinson turned off the lights to show us a PowerPoint. Then Emily passed me a note. "From Stephan" she whispered to me. I opened it. It said if I wanted to be with him. I wrote I'll think about it. Then I passed it back to Emily. "To Stephan" I said. She passed it to him. He looked at me and smiled. I just looked down at my desk. "Did all of you take notes" Mrs. Robinson asked the class. They all groaned yes. Except for me! I forgot to take notes! Then after about and hot he finally let us leave! I walked up to my locker and threw my books in. After school was all over I walked home. I ran in my room and grabbed my laptop. I sat on my bed and kicked off my shoes. I turned it on. I went on the internet. Then I got a e-mail. It was from my aunt. I opened it. It said she had got us tickets to go see a concert. The concert was for a band called one direction. I replied okay. Then I went on google an looked up one direction. I had no idea who they were. Then five names popped up. They were Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles. I went on google images and looked up one direction. They were cute. I heard my mom coming upstairs. I quickly shut off my laptop. I opened the door. "Hey mom" I said. I gave her a hug. "I'm going to the mall with some friends" I said. "Okay but be home by ten thirty" she said. I ran in my rooms and put on my shoes. I grabbe my phone and slipped it in my pocket. I walked outside. I called my aunt. "Hey you are going to have to give her the news" I said. "Okay I will call her right now" she said. I hung up the phone. I walked to the mall. I bought a dress. Then I walked back home. I got a text from my aunt. "Im on my way" it said.
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