Let's Live While We're young with One Direction.

Izzy, Lexi, Amee, Daisy, and Ariana were all just normal girls, well they are all supernatural creatures but we'll get to that in the story. Well, they were normal, until they met the boys of One Direction. It was just one faithful day that told them they were meant to be. Well actually a hoard of screaming girls made that all happen but again, more of that in the story. It's actually funny when you meet your idols/crushes/love of your lives, but you're too afraid to say you love them. Hope u enjoy.<3


1. Introducing the Characters.

Hi. I'm Izzy Vasquez. I'm an all gene creature, which means I'm every single supernatural creature known to man. Everything from a werewolf to a troll. I'm not a ghost though. Definitely not a ghost. I can't be a ghost when I'm a ghost hunter. Weird, right? Well, anyway, I'm just like any other 17 year old girl. I have light/dark brown Carmel colored hair with really light brown,almost blonde, highlights and deep aqua blue eyes like the sea with black rims. I am extremely insecure and I have REALLY bad anger issues. How can I help it I am a troll. Literally. I go to Rancho Cucamonga High in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I'm just like everyone. I have friends,crushes,enemies,secrets, and like alot of other girls, I'm in love with the British boy band One Direction. So are all of my friends,except Damion. The only friends I have are, Amee, Ariana, Daisy, Lexi, and Damion. Damion is also my secret crush. More on that later. Lets introduce my friends shall we?
Amee has pale skin like moonlight, considering she is a vampire. She doesn't NOT sparkle. I don't know where Twilight got THAT from. She has a set of golden brown and yellow eyes and flowing, super long, jet black hair that goes down to about an inch elbow her waist. In other words, she's the prettiest girl in the whole school. Ariana and Daisy both have dirty blond hair and peach cream skin, because they're both Angels. But that's where the resemblance between them ends. Ariana has mildly long hair that goes 2 inches below her shoulders and a pair of dark emerald green eyes. Daisy on the other hand has a bob-cut that goes about 1 inch below her ears and bright, piercing, electric blue eyes. Then there's Lexi, the girl that is pretty much my twin sister from a different mister. We're not related, but we like to think we look alike. We both have the light/dark brown hair and deep aqua eyes and tan/pale skin. The only things keeping us from looking exactly the same is that her eyes have hazel rims instead of black and she has red highlights instead of light brown. She's also a ghost hunter, like me. I'm the only all gene creature of the group ,though. Oh, I just remember, I'm supposed to be paying attention to the teacher right now.......
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